Halloweeny - at the Artus'

Our host and hostess: The Hallo-Queen and Hallo-King (Andy & Mare) She looooooooves Halloween! Posted by Hello

Halloween get-up...I never ever dress up for Halloween...a little too time consuming and fussy for me, but I found all these awesome wigs and had to put them to use. My husband probably needed my fro more than I did, but it worked perfect as a White-y Foxy Brown. The boy was a Mexican Wrestler/Scooter Mechanic. Too funny. Posted by Hello

This is a crack up...of course my dad's hair is pretty much like this and really no need for the Halloween wig, but how funny and the Ebenezer Scrooge face...priceless! Posted by Hello



I can't believe it...I can put photos up on my blog...yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No way. Okay, it took awhile to set up the dang hello/picasa program that is free on blogspot.com but it is up and away now.

So, now everyone will be interested in what I have to say...when they can see too.

Yippie! Here I go...I have a lot of catching up to do...so enjoy the show!

My baby bear - Ape (Ah-pey) Carlino...this is him at 11 weeks. Ape means bee in Italian, hince the adorable sweater I knitted him. Posted by Hello