Merry Christmas to All!

Santa #3, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

One of Flynn's three photos with "Santa" this year...he didn't care for this one so I sat in with him. The other two were the real deal, but this was fun getting to share the moment.
Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the moment with your families.
Here's to a new and wonderful year to come!


Pardon Me I Didn't Knit That for You!

This is quite possibly the funniest thing ever! If you are a knitter, you have to watch this especially!


He totally posed for this

He totally posed for this, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This child o' mine is beyond words. Just look at that beautiful posed face. I held him at the front door with the sunlight coming in on him and took a jillion photos. He posed pensively for everyone of them. Crack up!


Happy Halloween from the Gnome Family

We had such a ball Halloween night taking Flynn out to the neighbors and showing off his costume. I knitted all of us gnome hats and pinned flowers to him and myself. I got the rest of his costume as normal clothes from Target and put the dog's collar on as a belt, stuffed his belly with cotton batting and away we went with our watering can for a candy bucket. He was absolutely precious.

Ghoul's Gone Wild Parade

CIMG5452, originally uploaded by craftyminx.

Here's a little teaser from the parade tonight. Craftyminx took this shot...very cool. That's me in the middle waving like a pageant queen.

Ghoul's Parade, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Here are some more fun shots from the parade...pink hair and all.

7 Year Itch

7 Year Itch, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

The beginning and maybe the end of this round of the anniversary sweater I was knitting for JD for our 7th Anniversary. Traditionally you give wool for 7 years, hence the cleaver name, 7 Year Itch.

I gauged this dang thang and I think it is way too small...would fit me rather than a man. So, I'm sure I will be frogging this out pretty soon.

I do however really like this yarn I got at the Taos Wool Festival. It's really pretty and super soft...will be nice if it ever turns into something of substance.

Table One

We went to the most amazing dinner recently. A chef friend opened his catering kitchen and is doing special 8-course meals cooked right there for you in front of you. He did a unique menu and a just-for-me menu for me the vegetarian. I did however have fish and scallops...no egg though. He paired it with wine and beers from my husbands soon to open brewery. It was so awesome. These photos do not do it justice at all. And, I ate practically every bite.


Taos Wool Festival

Taos Wool Festival 1008, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

We had a ball (or skein I should say) at the Taos Wool Festival during our family trip to Santa Fe. It just happened to be at the same time...just my luck. Thanks to Amy for pointing out the dates. I'm so glad we got to go...I owe JD for him tagging along.

Flynn enjoyed seeing the llamas, sheep and rabbits. I picked up a bit of yarn...didn't overdo it like I could have so easily done. I got some wool for a special project, some that was just plain gorgeous (see in Flynn's grubby little hands..I'm sure they were filthy by that point) and some peaches and cream color that was to die for.

I swear, if you are even thinking about spinning...don't go to a wool festival. It will make you want to pick that up as a project too, cause the have workshops and wool galore to purchase. That's the next thing I want to learn to do...someday...someday. I certainly don't need one more thing to take-up in my life. It was really inspirational being there and getting to be around so many other textile people. I loved it!

The Ravelry crew had a booth at Taos Wool Festival. It was cool to meet the owners...sorry no photo...didn't want to be a total geek. I picked up a couple of buttons from them.

Taos Wool Festival - a shot of some of the vendors. There were probably 75 or so of them...all full of yarn. It was awesome!

It's all about the wool my friends. Here'a a little Before and After action...they did a demo of sheep shearing at the Taos Wool Festival. That was fun to watch.


Bye Bye Little Puggies

They're off to Grandma's house...cause we've got plans.
HINT: Taos Wool Festival...yippie!

The Anywhere Clip

In keeping with my handmade gifts plan, I made Marilyn a beaded flower "anywhere" clip for her 40th birthday. I also wanted to make the 40th gifts a little more special. Dawn got a scarf/fingerless glove combo I had made a while ago for her 40th this year.

You can clip this in your hair or on a jacket or anywhere!!! I had promised Mare a few years ago that someday I would bead her something because she had given me this huge stash of seed beads and wire when she was purging her craft room. So, I came through. I like how it turned out. I usually attach my flowers to a pin back, but this was a lot easier and small enough. I like the option to put it in your hair. I need to make more for myself now.

PS: Please overlook my big giant ear!

Great State Fair of Oklahoma

We took Flynn to his first state fair. I was just dying to go. For some reason I feel as a mother I connect to that stuff a lot more now...the down-home kind of feeling.

He loved the petting zoo. It was adorable watching pet the goats. He also saw the livestock barns with the cows, lambs, piggies and some Clydesdale horses. Those were pretty amazing.

We also saw a sea lion show which was a little different for a fair, but cool. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when the sea lion danced to the macarana. Geez. You know we'll be going to Sea World someday. But, I actually look forward to it cause I didn't get to go there when I was a kid. Now I get to take Flynn to see all the things I want to see. Yippie!


Becky's One Skein Wonder

My dear friend Becky had mentioned that she liked my One Skein Wonder... I'm going to go ahead and stick my neck out here and say, probably 2 years ago...and I started one for her and got nearly complete and for stupid reason I never finished it. I think because the yarn was totally wrong, but I wouldn't admit it because I hate spending time on something only to onravel and start over.

So, going along with my plan to save money and consume less, I was going to finish that darn schrug and give it to her for her birthday. Because I'm also on a kick to finish my unfinished projects.
I just couldn't bear to give her the tan ugly mess, so I started over in a different color that I knew she would love.

And, yes, she freakin' loved it...announced that the purple I choose was her new color for the season and wigged out. And, proud to say it fit her perfectly and is adorable.

One Skein Wonder - CHECK...off the list!

August 2008

Partay all night!
We had two big events to attend this Saturday night...and Flynn was a social butterfly.

We first attended the Rally on the Alley event at Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery. It was a scooter themed art show. Our bikes were on display. That's me and Flynn sitting on my Vespa. He and Daddy have fun on the patio.

Then we zoomed over to Dawn & Freddy's for a soiree. They had filmed for a design show (Utopia Joe) earlier in the evening and then had the Oh Johnny Girls singing and a movie playing in the backyard. It was too much fun. Wish we could have stayed longer at both, but the little boy was pooped out by the end of the night. It was great to see all our friends out though...at least we got out of the house for a change and socialized like other adult individuals. Good times!


I had been documenting Flynn's wardrobe since he was born...kinda kept track of his growth too. I thought it would be fun since I do the Wardrobe Remix group when I can and since that is only for grown-ups, I thought I would start my own group for the kiddos.

So, in August, I did just that...it's called HIP BABY STYLE.
Go here to sign up and share your baby's stylish wardrobe.

The icon I use is from a scooter rally tshirt a friend brought back for Flynn from AmeriVespa, designed by Modified.

Chevron Scarf - Check

I finally finished my sister's birthday scarf in July. Her birthday was in April. Just as I was getting into the pattern and making some headway, I fell and broke my wrist. So, there was no knitting to be had for some time. And, once I was able to knit a little bit, it hurt really bad and I had the use of only two fingers on my left hand...sucked.

I had plenty of time to complete the project but just couldn't control the situation. Oh well. Things happen. But, I did get it done and hopefully she liked it in the end...part of my "make everyone's gifts this year" project. It turned out pretty cute.

First Trip to the Zoo

We live in the best neighborhood and have made some of the best friends with our neighbors on our block. There are about 6 houses of families that get together and have parties and cook-outs...great fun. Although one of our best friends moved away recently to grow their family in a larger house, we still get together all of us with the kids.

We went to the zoo, Flynn's first trip, with the Oldfield boys and the Curran boys...all close to the same age, with Flynn coming in as the smallest. It was so cute to see him checking out the animals. We saw up close the baby lion cubs, then there were the bears, and of all things, he loved the catfish the most...guess it is a water lovein' thing.


Summer Fun 2008

These are a few of my favorite Flynn shots from over the summer.
-He sure had a great time at his first pool party. The neighbor boys didn't know what to think of all his splashing. He loves the water.
-The 4th of July was fun too...he tried his first plum and devoured it...so cute in his red and blue stripes. We were at our yearly neighborhood party...a can't miss.

-That boy loves to swing at the park and get close to his toys

-Grandma and Grandpa took him to the science museum in the building where I work and he played in the little tykes area, got all wet.
-He learns how to walk by pushing his dump truck
-New birthday swing of his very own in the backyard

-Giggle fest
-playing with his new cousin, Addysin
-having fun with his Dada

Off to Connecticut

I work for a non-profit American Indian cultural organization...in June we have our huge Festival: art and dance event. It's a huge undertaking, but I've done it many times before so it was like old hat jumping into it again. As part of my new post, I am getting to attend some amazing museum (which we also have) conferences.

I won a scholarship to attend the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian exhibit renewal conference. It was at the Pequot Tribe's reservation in Connecticut. I had never been to that part of the country, except for NYC, and it was just gorgeous. It was one of the best experiences ever, plus I have a lot more museum related knowledge under my belt now and made some great friends.

The tribe hosted a lobster dinner one night on the coast just down from Mystic Pizza (shot that out the window as we cruised by). We had a double rainbow view of the harbor. Part of the workshops included mount-making classes. The lower right shot is of the Pequot Museum...gorgeous.

I've taken two more museum courses since, but they are related more to archiving which I find fascinating. Lots to do in the museum now that I'm a know it all.

Flynn's 1st Birthday Party

BooBoo's first birthday party was Memorial weekend. We had over 40 people (close friends, neighbors and family) at the house. It was a tight fit but so much fun. It was a vintage race car theme. Flynn wore a tshirt I made for him and we got him the cutest Little Red Wagon race car. He's now getting more into it now that his legs are longer. He also got the blue Pooh Bear car which makes plenty of noise. His party was so much fun. He was startled by the singing of the birthday song but got into when he realized it was all for him. My friend Melissa is an awesome baker...she made his cake to match his tshirt and the cookies too. My inlaws put in landscaping that weekend as their gift to us all. It turned out really nice...we needed it. It really was a perfect first birthday party. Next year...low key.

The invite for Flynn's 1st Birthday Party taken from a vintage children's postcard.


May 2008

A lot has happened in the past 5 months. Wow!
The month of May will be a little ridiculous for me for the rest of my life event-wise. Mother's Day is one weekend, my birthday the next, then Flynn's birthday the next, which is also Memorial weekend. Ugh.

And, to add to it, the Canvas Show is right after that. I wasn't able to go cause it is also the weekend as a huge event that my new/old job puts together. This is the second show and the second pair of Van's I designed for the Canvas event.

I went back to an old job I had seven years ago, but now with more experience and a better title, etc. I started in March, the same day I fell and broke my wrist. hmmm...coincidence is it all? All I know, is it was all bad timing. I had and still have way too much on my plate. Time to say no.

Good grief girl! Where have you been?

Well, gee...if anyone still checks up on me, I am still around. I haven't posted in a while cause I got behind and I hate to get out of order with things that have happened, so I want to start from the beginning, which was in May. So I will just have to do it quickly, so I can get back on track with what I'm up to now. I will make small posts in consecutive order to when they happened.

This is a current photo of my little booger. Flynn is the cutest little boy I have ever seen in my life. He just surprises me everyday with his happy smile and joy in his heart...pure sweetness is this baby!

He has a pop up air machine that makes little balls go up in the air. He is obsessed with it and freakin' loves it. He's taking a break in this photo to get one of his pingpong balls that went across the room.

PS: We call him Shaggy. Check out the hair growth difference from the previous post.


my little stinker

My son will be 1 year old in just 2 short weeks. He kills me with the cuteness. It just gets more awesome everyday. This photo proves it...from our Eames series...photos of Flynn's growth.



Okay…a month and a half later, I’m finally getting around to doing this. Oops. Miss Amy tagged me with a 7 Random Things About Me, so here are the goods. 7 of you will get tagged too - watch out!

In my early 20’s, I went skydiving (solo) and my mom jumped too, which is a more interesting fact if you knew my mom...totally not her character. She didn’t want me to bungee jump and thought jumping out of an airplane would be safer. Okay? I don’t know if that’s true but it was pretty freakin’ awesome.

On my second date with my husband (in my very late 20’s), he took me up on a grain silo south of downtown Oklahoma City to shoot a photograph of the Skyline for Oklahoma Today Magazine. It was cool and romantic at first…then I learned I was afraid of heights…out of the blue. I pretty much had a panic attack and couldn’t climb down the ladder to get off the thing. It was such an awful and humiliating experience. For some reason the man still married me.

I love sleeping with the windows open when it rains and thunderstorms all night and the cool breeze puts you to sleep.

If I was alone on a Friday night (without the fam), one of my favorite things to do is sit in front of the tv and watch old movies with a bunch of junk food, a Coke, my knitting and a stack of magazines and stay up til 2am. Then fall asleep on the couch with the pugs snuggled up with me and have absolutely no obligations the next morning so I can sleep til noon. Love that.

Pet Peeve #213
I hate sweaty drinking glasses, cans or bottles. It makes me crazy. I have to have a napkin wrapped around them so I don’t have to touch the wet…just feels gross to me.

I love vintage stuff…love love love. I wear vintage and love the hunt.
But, when I go to vintage clothing stores, I get a creepy icky feeling. I don’t like to touch things and I hold my breath so I don’t take the air in...like I'm gonna get cooties. Because in my mind, it’s old and stinky and dirty and has been on someone else’s body from 40 years ago…even though I’m sure it has really been laundered since then. For example: polyester clothes from the 60s/70s. No way…very cute and all…but I could never let that fabric touch my body. I envy those girls who can just throw on a 60s crocheted poncho and be all about it…but ewww! Totally mental. It’s so stupid.

I don’t like other people to be messy, but it’s okay for me to be. It’s like my eyes don’t see my pile of clothes that need to be hung or my dirty dishes. They’ve just become part of the d├ęcor somehow. But, if my husband’s are there, I know which ones are his and he dang well better take care of it immediately…totally weird.

Aren't I fascinating? But anyway…here are the lucky 7 that are now tagged by me:

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Okay, so I have a lot of catching up to do...and how am I gonna get all of my planned birthday/mothers day, etc. projects done with a broken wrist? Hmmm...don't think I'm gonna make it. I have 18 inches or so more to go on the Chevron scarf for my sister. Yes, I had to present it unfinished...which I so hate...but she understood that it was taking longer with the cast on. I hadn't posted any photos cause I didn't want her to catch a glimpse just in case.


These projects in the photos are all taking up space on my needles and so I have no needles to work with (my Denise cords anyway). The One Skein Wonder is for my friend Becky from at least two years ago maybe three..hopefully I can give it to her this year...if they are still in style...ugh. I need to make a second wrist warmer and will probably give those to Dawn for her bday. The orange thang is a bag for me. And, or course the little knit pants for my baby boy...those have got to be done...they probably won't fit him for sure now.

That's what I get for being a procrastinator. That's the way the cookie crumbles.


So not a fashion statement

but, at least it's pink!

I started a new job last Monday. As I was leaving the building at the end of my very first day, the heel of my gorgeous high-heeled black leather boots clipped a crack and I went flying. There was no stopping me. I basically landed on all fours, skinned my knees, sprained my right wrist and fractured my left, hence the lovely cast. This totally suckity suck suck sucks!!!!! In my whole 30-something years, I have never broken anything. This freakin' cast is so claustrophobic I could just scream! Argh!!!!!!

I have a couple of months at least with this thing. Insane!

So, there will be very slow progress on knitting if any at all. And, I was going to get back on my scooter this spring...not happening until this is off, especially since you shift with the left hand. Not a good kick-off to the warm weather ahead.

Otherwise, Sweetpea had a great 1st Easter!

NOTE: there is no product in his hair and it has not been styled in any manner. This ciaos is all natural..the craziest hair I have ever seen, so hysterical!


I'm spying on you little one

Somehow it's like he knows we are watching him. Our little racoon was up to no good one night. We were watching him on the tv monitor... a little spy cam we have hooked up on his bed so we don't have to wake him up with the creaking door every night. It's hysterical to watch him and sometimes he pops up and looks right at the camera. I just can't help but giggle...what a cutie pie.

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Veggie Tales

This is what I have been up to in the past week besides knitting a baby blanket...which should be blocked tonight...just gotta weave in those dang ends...ick.

I made a Mexican Lasagna last night with a side of Spanish Rice and tortilla chips. I'm so proud...my husband actually said he would like to have this again. I said, " Well, how about lunch tomorrow." That's what I'm having. It was dang good. I've been getting all of my recipes, except the lentil soup, from those Martha Stewart Everyday Food mini magazines. There are a ton of vegitarian recipes in those and they are really good. This lasagna has a spinach/cilantro mix layered with pinto beans, salsa and pepper jack cheese on corn tortillas. It was super easy.

Also, another thing I'm excited about...a coworker asked me today if I have lost some weight. I can't believe someone can actually tell. Yippie. I've lost almost 10 lbs. This is a good thing! Note: that's a play on words since I mentioned Martha up above...dumb huh?

I have been making these veggie sandwiches for lunch and they are so freakin' good.
I got some of that Tofutti, oh good grief that stuff is awesome...faux cream cheese.
I put that on one layer and olive tapenade on the other, then layer spinach leaves, cucumber and tomato...garnish with vegetable chips and hummus...the best. The bread is a 3-seed wheat from a friend's bakery called Big Sky Bread Company. It's very dense and de-lish.

This is lentil soup from last week...pretty good. It had zucchini, tomatoes, lentils, bay leaves for flavor, some lime and yogurt to top. I believe it is from Vegetarian Times magazine, but don't quote me.


Me and my big ideas

Well, crap...it just dawned on me all the gifts I have to make and everything is at the same time. Me and my big idea to try to be a little "slow" this year and not to spend a bunch of money on gifts. This is my list. I better get busy.

1. Mare's birthday is the day before Flynn's and I'll be getting ready for his first birthday party, so I have to get this made now. Since it is her special "big" birthday, I want to make her the Counterpane Carpet Bag by Carrie Brenner. She will so love this. I've been planning on making me one too...some day! This photo is from the pattern on Ravelry...so pretty...love this yarn!
NOTE: This is the Ravelry link.

2. I would love to make Flynnie something for his birthday...maybe a knitted amiguri monster or something.

3. Dawn's having her special "big" birthday this year too, but I have until August for that one and have to figure out what I'm going to knit her...maybe something to wear...hmmm.

4. I'm already working on a baby blanket for my cousin. The shower is next weekend...nothing elaborate as I haven't had a ton of time to prepare for this one. Photos to come. I'm about 1/4 of the way done with it. It's a baby pink and tan striped blankie.

5. My sister's birthday is in April. I don't know what I'll knit her.

6. Mother's Day...I'd love to make one of the Chevron Scarves from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my mom. I'll see if I have time to make one for my mother-in-law. Her's might have to be done for Christmas. I want one of these too...and since I'm not getting around to working on those socks I started, might as well use the yarn for now.

7. Father's Day beanies I'm sure will be the easiest and the guys always like those...easy peasy...Ugh!

I'm sure this isn't the last of it.


Knitting What Not

Here's the boy modeling a baby girl "sluggo" hat. It's a little tiny for his big knoggin.
I'm putting together a few pieces to start selling locally and probably/finally on Etsy.
I've got a black one done too...see below...lots more of these to come.

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I love how the top of hats turn out from the decreasing. This yarn in particular made a pretty flower-y shape.

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Here's Ape (ah-pey) modeling the black one. He's not diggin' it.
he hates hats! And, of course I have a little fez for him...guess it will have to be Flynn's now.

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This kid...

I swear. I can hardly stand it....I love him so much. Happy Valentine's Day Boo Boo.
Just look at that face, not to mention the crazy hair-do. He is hysterical...what a card.

We were laying on the bed reading his photo book (he's on the cover at about 4 months old) last Wednesday and I got some great shots of him flipping through tht pages. He's so funny cause he almost points at things cause he used his finger to touch. He's touching the tag on this one. He loves tags by-the-way...goes right for those. I suppose pots and pans will be his next adventure. He is such a happy little man. He's toothing right now too and not a peep about it (got one pokin' through)...just happy go lucky...no, how lucky am I?

I take Wednesday's off and get to spend the whole day with him. It's so much fun. We take naps together and read and play on the floor and go shopping. We just take our time and do whatever we want. He is going to be crawling I bet within a week. He can flip and flop and rotate around but can't scoot anywhere just yet. What an amazing thing is this little boy!!!

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Buttnernut Yum!

Her it is...my very first "vegetarian" meal...and my fist soup from scratch.
It turned out really good. My husband and sister both liked it for real. I got it from a Martha Stewart Food Magazine...a recent issue.

You can take pretty much any vegetable and put it into this formula:
I used one large butternut squash, peeled and cubed
brown an onion in 2T olive oil (I hate onions, but knew the flavor would add a lot to the soup and since it was pureed I would hardly know it was there...except in my head...I will probably only do an half onion next time so I don't taste it as much...I have a weird life long relationship with onions...eww.)
Then, boil all with two cups veggie broth and water to cover then simmer until tender.
Puree in batches in blender and add salt, pepper, lemon and a dollup of non-fat yogurt (yes, dairy, but working on that).
It was super easy. I'll try mushroom or carrot next time. And, you can freeze this really easy. It makes a lot...probably 6 servings.

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You're a WHAT?

I’ve officially become vegetarian. Oh my gosh…What?

Uh yes, I said vegetarian.

I have lived my life without a thought about what food is and where it comes from. I’m a junk food junkie…well, I guess not anymore. I’ve felt icky about eating meat off and on for a few years now…just basically get grossed out…but have put it behind the ol’ thinking cap and ignored it. Plus, now is the time in my life when I have to be responsible to myself and my son…and why not, let’s throw the husband in the mix too.

It scares me to think about what yuckiness I have put into my body from eating fast food over the years, mostly McDonald’s. What goes into my body makes me who I am…lethargic and fat.

Maybe it would make a difference if it was all organic and came from good farms, but some stuff I’ve read even talks about how humans are really herbivores and shouldn’t even eat the meat of other animals period. It all really makes sense. And, I’ve known this…it just finally hit me and became real in the last couple of weeks. I’m contemplating fish…but we’ll see. Trying to avoid milk and eggs…that’s another story I suppose, cause I don’t really want to be hard-core vegan. Anywhoo…

I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading up and after having to eat at Eischen’s Chicken this past weekend, not by my choice…no more….I’m done….ewww!

It is my commitment from here on out to not eat meat.

I read Fast Food Nation a couple of years ago and was grossed out by the meat manufacturing and mistreatment of animals as well as human workers for that matter. But, somehow…call it laziness and lack of motivation…I got pulled back in by the fast food giants down the street without thinking about the details.

When I was at Target recently, I picked up a comical little book called Skinny Bitch…which I thought would be just a fun diet book to give me a little motivation…no, it’s on the same lines as Fast Food Nation, giving you the “skinny” about what we put into our bodies and why we shouldn’t, ie: meats, dairy, etc. That book is hysterical by-the-way and tells it like it is, which is what I needed to hear. I highly recommend it! I just got the sequel, which is a little vegan cook-book, Bitch in the Kitch.

Other motivations for making the move are:
1) Need to eat my veggies anyway and get healthy and loose weight
2) Need to learn to cook and like/love to cook
a) to save money
b) to slow down on the consumerism and purchasing/eating out
c) to be a good momma and wife and provide healthy meals for my fam
3) Doing the “Biggest Loser” competition at work and I can win some much needed dough.
4) A good excuse to do my Bento Box again

I’ve never been a hard-core committer on diets, so I’m going to take it slow adding this into my life so as not to be overwhelmed. I’ve never enjoyed cooking, never had to cook and really don’t understand it if that makes any sense. I just walk into the grocery store dumbfounded sometimes.

So, over the weekend, I put together some yummy recipes and went to the store for this week’s meals:
tonight: butternut squash soup
veggie sandwiches with hummus and tapenade
Mexican lasagna…yum!
lentil burgers
lentil soup

I want to start going to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s because it was really depressing all the non-organic or vegetarian items at the grocery store. And, we don’t have a Whole Foods, just a tiny little health food store that’s really expensive.

I’ve also been inspired by my knitting friend Aimee and her friend Riana in their commitment to being SLOW. You must follow what they are up to. They are both American’s in France…which is cool in itself to experience that. Riana has made a year long commitment to not buying anything and making and growing her own everything…unbelievable. And, Aimee’s trying it out for a month. These women are so interesting and amazing mothers!

Consumption is a problem for me. I spend way too much and therefore have way too much crap in my house and it’s bogging me down. Slowly but surely I’m getting rid of stuff, but not fast enough. I still feel overwhelmed. So, I’m making a commitment right now to work on this…

- Don’t spend
- Sell what we have that we don’t need. Or give it away.
- Make gifts…don’t buy. Knit… therefore I’m working on a baby gift for a shower coming up in a couple of weeks. Lots of other knitting posts to come. I swear I've been knitting!

This is certainly not a political statement or pro-anything. I’m not a granola that’s for sure. And, I’m not an activist. But, I do want to make a difference to myself and for my happy little family. Who knows, maybe I’ll rub off on somebody else.


Pint / Half Pint

Can you stand the cuteness? My sweet boys...Daddy and Bitty.
These tees were a gift for JD for his birthday. Of course he put it on instantly and had to have Flynn's on too...and photos soon insued. They are so adorable, especially with their matching skullys, denims and trainers.

I know you all think your kids are the cutest in the world...but that's just not humanly possible. Just look at that little baby boy. He makes me so happy I cry sometimes just looking at him.

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