Puppy Portraits

My cute little booger...how precious is he. It was quite
a challenge getting his photos. We weren't able to get
any with him and brother cause they were acting all crazy and
Ape hates wearing sweaters...a bit of a baby.

I'm destined to get some done though...very soon before Enzo
gets too big. Ape's sweater was too big, so I have to start over on
that one, but Ennie's fit great...racing stripes for my little Ferrari.

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and, from the side.

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IPod 10

So, Amy at Good to Be Girl did this little "whatcha got on your ipod?" thang and I thought it was interesting to see what random songs came up on a shuffle of songs. I always like to see what other people are in to.

You can play too...just put your iPod or iTunes on shuffle and write down the 1st 10 songs it plays. Mine are a good bunch:

1. Hazy Shade of Winter – The Bangles
2. Meet Me by the Water – Rachel Yamagata
3. Please Please Please – Fiona Apple
4. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime / Amelie – Yann Tiersen
5. If I Ever Feel Better – Phoenix
6. Real Emotions – Los Lonely Boys
7. Don’t You (Forget About Me) / Breakfast Club – Simple Minds
8. Heart Turns to Stone – Foreigner
9. TKO – Le Tigre
10. Under Control – The Strokes



So, the latest quiz results...I'm quite stylish...tee hee.
No wonder I'm loving those boots. This confirms...those
would definately look hot on me! Interesting how
dead on that is, huh?

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Bringin' up some memories they are

Doin' a little shoppin' on the ol' Ebay this week...came across some very familiar friends from my childhood. Several of these I still have in my toy chest my parents sent home with me recently. In my treasure box, I found my old Strawberry Shortcake set and the Dawn dolls as seen left...they are so cool. Searching through Ebay makes me want more, but I "need" shoes/purses, etc. more! So, I think I still have my old Donnie Osmond doll with purple socks. I thought he was so hot for some reason...maybe because I was like 6 or something.

These other toys are from babyhood...and isn't it strange that I remember them? The jack-in-the-box and the dolls. Pretty bizarre feelings I had while remembering back when...it was like I could smell the plastics and feel the fabrics these toys had back then...so special to have that come back. Wow! I want my imaginary children to have my toys to play with...hopefully they will love them as much as I did and still do. I have my Victorian dollhouse too...so I better have a girl when the time comes.

The 70's were definately the good ol' days and in my opinion the best ever era to be a little girl. Posted by Picasa

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Wind-up funny face doll. I still have her...my favorite to this day. You wind her arm around, and she performs like the exorcist chick...ewww...but it's awesome..such a cool invention. They don't make fun toys like this anymore.

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I think these were called Lapsitter dolls or something. I had the little brunette on the left. They kinda reminded me of Holly Hobby dolls with their little gingham and floral outfits. Of course, I had the Holly Hobby everything too...love her. One of my friends actually knows the artist who created Holly Hobby..very cool.

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Liddle Kiddles lockets...they had the shortest little legs...I just loved them, cause I could wear them to church with me and play.

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New Boy - New Sweater

See, it's not just about pugs...I AM KNITTING TOO!

Here he is, my sweetie pie in his new Farari red racing stripe sweater. He is named after Enzo Farari by the way...says his daddy. Not my choice, but I do love his name.

This is the sweater he is going to wear for family portrait day. I'm still working on big brother's sweater. And, no, Momma and Daddy are not going to be in matching sweaters...just photos of the brothers. How cute is he...now really! Precious!


Brothers and Bones

Here are my crazy little boys. They like to steal each others bones. Notice Ape licking his chops...Enzo had stolen his big bone and is keeping an eye out. They have been so funny. Enzo follows his big brother around everywhere...Ape's little shadow. They like to fight and chase too...which is a little out of control for me, but that will get better as Enzo gets older. He holds his own, which is good, cause Ape is a dominant one. Gotta love um!