Doll Maker

This is a little teenagery, but was a lot of fun to make...in fact I think I will do several different ones. How cute is she/me? I kinda based her look on myself...don't know if I would really wear the leopard tights and mini mini, but love her. I will put her in my side bar soon and maybe change her look every season or so. Make one too at eLouai


Pacino Rides a Scooter

How cute is this little boy??? Pacino belongs to our friends in Denver and just sits in his little basket when they go on rides. They came up for our rally this past weekend...and what a rally it way. We had 76 registered participants and more than that came to our Rockin' Warehouse Party. We had a blast...will post more photos later of the gang...Sputnik Scooter Club OKC Rules!

Get Your Favorite Knitting Books Right Here

I hate to admit it, but I signed up for one of those "book club" deals, kinda like Columbia House Music...however, I have gotten some awesome knitting books that I have been wishing for at awesome prices...It's called Crafters Choice... I got like 6 free books...paid minimal shipping and then had to buy 3 books at regular price, but it was so worth it. After you buy your 3 obligated books, you can cancel which is what I did. I now have every freakin' knitting book I could possibly need...now all I have to do is get busy knitting. I would highly suggest it.


Looky Looky - My Scooter's Pink

This is the first pic I've seen of my scooter. It's being put together in Austin...I hope it's the wrong color because of the camera and it's in the sun...it's supposed to be a deeper fushia...If it's not right...sorry they're redoing it...I'm crossing my fingers. But and still excited for my pink p200 Vespa. I have to practice riding my husband's Bajaj that he raced across country last fall. He won't be afraid if I bang it up or drop it while learning, cause it's already been through a crash. Can't wait...can't wait. I want to put my logo, once that's finished, on the cowls, which are black, in the coordinating pink color.

Funk Attack

This is one of my one-of-a-kind hand-knitted and felted fedora hats. My friend Mindalyn models this little purple number. The leaf is hand beaded as well as the pin. I have made two up so far and love 'um...my own patterns.

Happy Easter to Ya

Happy Easter Chicks

Definately not in Kansas

Oh, my goodness, I've always wanted some disgustingly gaudy "Dorothy" red sequined shoes. I'm gonna have to save up for these Irregular Choice $100 smacks...my husband would smack if he knew I spent $100 on a pair of nasty shoes. I'd just hide them in the closet and act like I've had them a long time though, just kidding Baby! DISCLAIMER: Of course, my husband would never smack me or any other woman, animal or mineral - just so ya know.


Sputnik Scooter Rally 2005

In honor of our rally this weekend...a precious pug on a Vespa scooter (note vintage 70's Vespa in background). No, this is not my little boy, but the baby (I think his name is Tank or something of that nature) of a scooter guy in California.

Our OKC rally is in two days and we still have a lot to do to prepare. People are already in town from California. I still have to finish cleaning my house for people staying with us from San Antonio, plus put rally packettes together, plus design the program. I'm way exhausted, but will have a lot of fun on Friday - Sunday. We are riding (weather permiting - it might rain) on Saturday and having a Rockin' Warehouse Party that night, then an Easter egg hunt on Sunday. What fun! Photos to come next week.



My girlfriend is engaged...well almost...they don't have a ring yet. So, I talked her into getting a vintage/estate ring instead of a new one, where there would be a chance she would be buying African blood diamonds...long story there, but very bad stuff. She found a deco ring on this site Topazery...now I'm hooked and totally want this gorgeous pearl ring...not a bad price really for a vintage 1920's engagement ring - $1, 500. In my 10 year anniversary dreams...of course I've only been married 3, but I'm still worth it.


Thank Goodness...

When I was messing with the "comments" stuff in my template...I got that to work, but screwed something up with my links column...thank goodness I figured that out just now. I just start deleting stuff that looks unnecessary and make such a mess.. Back to normal now...whew!

Now I can't figure out how to get links back in my text. It used to give me the option and now it's a mess too. Oh well. soon.



I am finally "figuring out" my silly little blog...I know nothing about codeing stuff..and trial and error rarely work either. But, somehow...I got my COMMENTS option up.

So, if anyone is reading me...you can now send notes re: my posts. What fun.

I also after two years of being super stupid, added the button images for the webrings I'm on.

Whatever...what's my problem? I do feel like I've accomplished something today...yeah!


Another Baby Hat

This is way too cute...with the little ruffle on it...darling. I finished this in no lie, two evenings and very quickly. I had a little trouble with a couple of the stitch abbreviations that I had never heard of, but figured it out in the end. I'm sending to friends in Denver that just had a baby girl...so of course the pink was in order. Thank goodness I had some Debbie Bliss on hand I got on sale. I need to really be better at giving credit for the patterns I use. I just forget to keep track of it. I'll try to find what book it's from and post later. There were little booties too, but I have no idea how to do those or socks for that matter. Not really interested anymore in even learning. I thought the size 5 needles were going to kick my butt...they did at first, but got used to them. When I start my Adrienne Vittadini sweater I'm sure I will be using them again. That's a pretty tight pattern.

My Boy

Ape's 1st Easter picture...notice no subjecting him to wear an outfit...seer sucker knickers are not his style...how he loves the springtime...can't get enough of sniffing the flowers.


These two are way too cute...Sophia Copola and Kirsten Dunst. Two of my favorite Hollywoodies. They are both so uniquely stylish and creative. Love them.


What a Crazy Week

I'm so worn out from work this week...at least I made up for some of the leave I've taken though...thank goodness it is the weekend and I only have to work half a day today. I'm wearing this great t-shirt I forgot I bought in Austin in January. It was still in my bag o' yarn that I got there...found it last night. It is perfect: hotpink, fitted and has a reference to knitting. It kind of looks like an old concert t-shirt...has the lighting bolts and says KNITTING ROCKS! I love it.

I started a little baby girl cap last night...what was I thinking...it's on #5 dpn's. I have never knit anything so tiny in my life...I don't do socks. It will take me for freakin' ever to do. Maybe the kid will be a year old by the time I finish and I should make the bigger size...but there's no way I'm starting over. We shall see. It will be pretty and have a little ruffled edge to it. I know the momma will love it.

Random Pug St. Paddy's Day Cuteness

I just love this little leprechan pug...cracks me up. There's no way my boy would ever wear this...and probably no way I would ever put it on him...but it's still too cute!

Vegas Baby

A cute photo of me and my boy at the Vegas Scooter Rally in February.


Long Damn Day

Just got back in the office from a horendously boring day...total waste of my time, except for the stop by the yarn store on my way back. We set up a booth at a career day thing and were supposed to interview prospective interns for jobs in the afternoon. Hardly any students came by period and we ended up not signing up anyone...so a waste of set up and sitting around time.

I stopped by my yarn store, SWAK, , in Guthrie, OK. They are the best...have everything. I usually spend way too much when I go in there, and wasn't even going to stop but my coworker wanted to go too, so I only spent $48. That is a miracle for me!

I got some hot pink chunky yarn for a skinny scarf for myself and some gorgeous varigated mohair with seafoam green and kacki...so pretty. I think I'm going to make a wrap of some sort with that. Also got a couple of mags.


It is an absolutely beautiful day...heading off to meet my boys at the dog park...gotta get outta these heels...yikes.

Yarn for Wrap



My Charmed Punk Pins: pin them on a jacket, sweater or jeans front pocket..so cute. All the buttons and charms are different, so they are each one-of-a-kind. Love these! Selling them for $25 if anyone wants one.

another example


My Pootie Bear at 3 weeks old. How precious is he!!! Oh, my goodness. I just ran across this and had to share.


SO FREAKIN' TIRED! Luckily my boss just left and I could take a little nap if I wanted to. Might just have to do that. It has been such a long day and hence still more to come...trying to find a new location for The Girlie Show and doing some walk throughs this evening then a meeting. Stayed up late last night too...we went to a wine tasting dinner...a lot of fun...terrific new wine on our favorites list now...Victor Hugo Roberts (met him too)...it was all good especially the merlot...tasted like bing cherries and plums...yummie.

I am dying to knit something...I have to do two baby hats for gifts. Not really in the mood for that, but need to send them something. I really need to block my peachy poncho so I can seam and wear. It will be great for spring coming up.