Sputnik Scooter Rally 2005

In honor of our rally this weekend...a precious pug on a Vespa scooter (note vintage 70's Vespa in background). No, this is not my little boy, but the baby (I think his name is Tank or something of that nature) of a scooter guy in California.

Our OKC rally is in two days and we still have a lot to do to prepare. People are already in town from California. I still have to finish cleaning my house for people staying with us from San Antonio, plus put rally packettes together, plus design the program. I'm way exhausted, but will have a lot of fun on Friday - Sunday. We are riding (weather permiting - it might rain) on Saturday and having a Rockin' Warehouse Party that night, then an Easter egg hunt on Sunday. What fun! Photos to come next week.

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