I just had my latest show at a new hair salon in town...basically my girlfriends came and a couple of regular clients...I did better at this show than at the group show I had...very interesting. I got 5 commissions for knitting and for jewelry too. I decided I will add a knitting section to my web-site. I am really doing well with it. I enjoy making my own patterns too and they somehow turn out just beautiful.

My site will be up and running in the next month...how bizarre that it is all finally falling into place. Yeh!



Guess what...I'm getting a web-site...and that's pretty much it...pure excitement. My husbands business parners are hooking me up with some cool stuff...logo and design. This is going to be the next biggest thing in my life...all good things come to me when I am patient...that is a pretty good motto...be patient and it will happen for you. Yeah me!



Ok, I had to do one more holiday show...got less than a month and am totally not ready...I knew I should not have done this...My hair stylist offered to host at her new salon, so here I am doing a one man show...I hope I can handle all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My husband is in San Antonio for a shoot and of course is having a great time...anywhere he goes he hooks up with scooter guys and rides all over their town. He wants us to go for for a weekend trip down there now to hang out. I have got to clean up my scooter to sell. I have way too much other stuff going on to even think about that stuff. The deal is I want a new Stella, looks vintage but runs won't (knock on wood) break down like the old ones...the one I want is mint green too. I just have to get my silver one cleaned up and pretty so we can sell it. We have a real big scooter community in the City. We have around 15 in our club...not counting the guys that come over from Tulsa. And now that we have Atomic Brown Scooter Shop, more yuppies are buying them and riding around town. Pretty cool! It's so much fun riding in a pack...adrenaline...only if my current would go over 50mph. J.D. has a "super" scooter, goes over 90mph...yikes! Say your prayers for that one.



I have been debating whether to have a holiday show...and didn't really want to do it out of the house...so an opportunity presented itself to me elsewhere and since it will be so much easier...this is what I'm going to do. A friend of mine is having a show out of her house and invited me and anyone I knew to join in. It is the end of the month and I already have stuff put together from the one two weeks ago, so easy greasy.

On another topic...so excited...my husband bought us a new toilet...I'm not sure, but I think the old one has been broken the spring...yuk! So, our new one is nice and pretty...can't wait to get home and check it out...yeah!



Wow, what a great show...it was packed and everyone had a fantastic time. I think we topped last years crowd, and hopefully the art sales were good too. The event was such a blast. I was movin' and shakin'... the way any good hostess would do I suppose. There were so many people there, I never even saw a few of my committee members the whole night. After clean up today, I was like, "Where were you?", and they were like, " Where were you???". How bizarre. I love a successful party and it was so easy, no muss no fuss... a great working committee makes all the difference.

My feet, on the other hand, are a mess...an awesome pair of heels are not the greatest for a 7 hour night standing, but I looked goooood. It feels so good that everything went well and everyone likes me, YEAH !!!!!!!

One of my clients was wearing one of my necklaces and she said someone came up to her and asked if it was one of mine??? And she said, "Of course it is"..... How interesting that people are recognizing me...it's great...it's working, whatever that is. Hopefully I can keep it up. Off to nap now and get ready for the in-laws coming to town this week. Woo Hoo!

So, some of the artists featured at the auction can be checked out here.(www.ovacgallery.com).



Well, not too exciting the little art show I was in last weekend. No big deal I guess, I really didn't expect much anyway. Made back my booth space and a little more. It was such a beautiful day outside though...so I just enjoyed the breeze and visited with the other artists...got a scarf knitted while I was hanging out. At least I confirmed my suspicions...I don't want to do art/craft shows anymore...way too much trouble for the kind of sales I want/need to do. I'm setting my sites much higher where they sould belong anyway.

Saturday is a big day..."my" event (I'm chairman this year), the 12x12 is goin' down. I'm so excited...this is the biggest show/fundraiser of the year in my book in the City. It, for one, is an honor to be invited to donate a piece to the show, and two is a huge honor to be asked to chair. At least 600 people attend this show and raises funds for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (www.ovac-ok.org). They are one of the top art/artist supporter non-profits in the state besides the Arts Councils. So, I have to get a pedi/mani tomorrow and get all prepped to stand out at the show. I can't wait.


Been Sickly

What a cruddy weekend...planned on making all sorts of things for the show this weekend...Did I get anything done? No, why...I was sick sick sick...even went to the emergency room Sunday night. My husband was gone, boo hoo, so a sweet neighbor friend took me to the hospital and we were there until 3 in the morning. Just got back to work this afternoon and still don't feel too great. I wish I could have had more time to prepare for the show, but will have to do with what I have already to sell. I did put finishing touches on a scarf and hat last night while I was feeling descent. I took a pill they perscribed me at the hospital and it knocked me out until noon today. What a crazy feeling. Only take those for emergencies now. I pick my husband up tonight, yeah...so glad he's home.


Getting ready

I've totally been procrastinating...getting ready for this show in a couple of weeks...a couple of weeks??? Yikes! I can't believe it is all sneaky up so fast. I will have a booth at a little art show on Paseo, our "arts district" in the City. I just got some really pretty display pieces to go with what I already have. I think it will look really nice...nothing but.

I've decided to include some of my knitting in the show this time. I finished a beautiful aqua mohair poncho...have gotten so many complements...when that happens...that means it works. Yeah, because sometimes it just looks like a blob when I finish a piece...doesn't look like a real anything. I finished a hat and scarf too. I just need to finish a few more necklaces and earrings to top off my inventory and I will be ready to go. So, anything else I knit will just be gravy.


I'm here

This is my first post...welcome to blog nation! This is just a test for me right now to get some experience in web "stuff" as well as participate with all the knit bloggers. I found this whole world by accident and am facinated that people open up their world to anyone who wants to creep around. It's really pretty personal, and amazing at that.

I am in the process of working on a web-site for my jewelry business. My husband, photographer de fantastic (Check out www.merryweatherphoto.com . ) has partnered with some talented web/graphic designers as an ad agency (www.powerplantcreative.com). So, with my anxiousness for that to take place...I am here "little miss impatient" making a start on my own. Good luck to me!