Bento Baby

I'm usually a leader, but hear I go following again. One of my MySpace & Flickr friends is into Bento Boxes...what is a Bento box you ask? Well, I had to find that out too. I really didn't "get it" and kinda still don't. But, for some reason there is this huge fascination and almost cult for these dang thangs. They are basically a Japanese style lunch box. From what I have "researched" into this little world, it is almost a lifestyle of how to eat and can become a way of dieting and being healthy. The boxes are teeny tiny, so your proportions are much smaller than an American would typically eat. And, the most important cool thing about Bento's is they are so dang cute. I love sushi and am finding recipes and how to build your bento meals that seem very healthy and economical. Cooking Cute is a great resource for explanation and recipes...check it out. So, the main thing for me is having a healthy diet and hopefully loosing some weight in the process. This will make a nice little meal planning for me and since I don't really cook, it should be easy and cheap to make meals. I'm this close to becoming a vegitarian. I've been totally turned off by beef/chicken/pork lately. Thanks to reading "Fast Food Nation", I think it put me over the edge. I will never eat at a fast food restaurant again. I think I've gone 2 months so far. Using the Bento, I will eat more fish, salmon and tuna especially and vegitables and fruits and rice. I like all those things put together anyway. Lastly, the other side of Bento is how you make your food presentation. There's some bizarre stuff out there. So, I'm sure you will be seeing silly photos of my little Bento meals on the ol' blog. I think I've been brain-stormed.

There aren't a lot of shops on-line to find these sweet little lunch boxes. I just ordered this blue one, which had most of the features that I wanted from J-Box out of Japan. I am sick I couldn't get the Hello Kitty one, but it is not microwavable...dang! I like to have a little more flexibility. The blue one I can do hot or cold and I can always add to my collection later if I find more that I just have to have. This is the last thing I need, another project or collection. Posted by Picasa

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Knitting Projects Progress Report

So, it is now mid April and I only have one of my 2006 projects completed, mind you I made two them though (lapblankets). Now, back to my list...what's next? I better get busy!

For my second project I want to make wrist warmers / fingerless mittens. I found a jillion patterns on this wonderful free pattern site, Knitting Pattern Central.

I think I want to make the pattern pictured here...they are so feminine and pretty and seem fairly simple to make. I don't want to tackle the finger holes yet, so I will keep it to a mitten and a hole for the thumb. Thanks to Hari, Itu, Hajime Blog for sharing the pattern. I can't wait to start! Now which yarn and what color? Hmmmm! Posted by Picasa


Random Pug Cuteness!

I can't remember if I have told you how precious
my puppy boy Enzo is...so here is a new photo to
prove it. I can't stand it...he is so dang cute!

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Not in a creative mood but could be

This is a very inspiring little artistic exercise.
I created this collage online...very cool way to spark the
creativity. This will get your brain motivated a little. Fun!

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Baby Lap Blanket...all done...next

No, I haven't finished my own lap blanket, but this one I did.
It's a darling little pink/blue number made for my cousin's little
baby girl Avery Elise. It's from Weekend Knits. It whipped up fairly quickly...
for some reason much easier and quicker than my regular mohair one. I am finished
with my green one, just need to weave in the ends and all done, then photos
will arrive to prove it! So excited those are done. The baby one turned out so cute,
especially after steaming it up a bit and it stretched out a little more. I will definately
do more of those and used a fairly cheap yarn, something I had stashed... so very
affordable, unlike my green one... drats...oh well...live and learn...I just wanted
a very nice one for the decor and it will be totally worth it!

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We had our local rally this weekend...I'm so sleepy from staying up so late.
We had 130 people in from Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Austin, Dallas, Kansas City and California...very cool...last year we had 75, so it's getting bigger and bigger every year. People like us! Whoo Hoo. JD planned a great event...had a meet and greet BBQ, band at VZD's, raffle and amazing party Sat. night at the Chesapeeke Boat House...very cool building! It was a great time...now I'm ready for a nap. Here are a fes pics from the weekend! Good times...good times!

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Thovas' pinup All Star's - for my new shoes series.
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JD & Tovas (from San Antonio)
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Old School Trophies for the Gymkana awards
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Tina from Denver...so cute with her Hello Kitt scooter.
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Us with Joany and Mark Dotson from Denver
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Emily (Austin) Toni and Vicki (locals)
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