How pretty is this...I can't wait til it's finished. My first two short row sections are complete...how cool...it works...taking on a nice marble effect... this ribbon type yarn is very interesting...almost like shoe string...and it is silk soy, whatever that is.

...the pattern for "blue collar" - I don't like that name...it's a capelet and that's what I'm calling it.

My lap blanket that's been put on hold...I think I've lost some stitches somehow in the blue wool transition...I'm going to have to back it out...oh, joy. It will be really pretty and will add some nice color to the living room when I tackle it again...and it's a quick project. As soon as I finish my capelet, I will go back to this.


I figured it out.

I need to post a pic of my accomplishment - will do later - I started two knitting projects as of rencent and get all excited them and get one row done then it tells me I need to make short rows...what the hell is that? Well, I have the hardest time finding any type of decent explanation and directions on how to accomplish these stitches, so these two little projects get put by the wayside. And, inside I'm just dying to make them cause they're so cool. One is the "pie shaped" shawl in Weekend Knitting - am doing in a fushia mohair...lovely. And, the other is the Scarf Style capelet...how cute is that...found sale yard at my LYS in a great variagated blue/purple/gray ribbon...love it...and only $14 total...bonus...the only way.

So, anyhow, I bought the Vogue Knitting "How to do anything" book, which really has great instructions, and finally figured it out last night...I was really proud of myself. I got one little triangle section done on my capelet. It will be pretty easy to make, now that I have it down. Yippie! I love little jackety, cover-upy, shawly things...nice accessory items and they keep away the chill and make you look glam too.


My Girl! - My Karmann!

Okay, it's OUR girl, I have to share, but she will be my daily drive...Yippie! I never thought I would actually be getting my dream car...a Karmann Ghia...oh, my goodness! My husband called me yesterday all giddie and says guess what I just bought you...and jokingly I say, "What, a Karmann Ghia?" knowing that it was a totally unrealistic fantasy purchase...he replys, "How did you know?" and I say, "No, really, what did you get me?" and he says, "No really, I got you a Karmann Ghia!" No way...and I fainted...just kidding.

She's an ugly girl, but she's real and she's mine/ours. Obviously she needs a lot of work, but she runs and the body is near perfect. J.D. thinks this is going to be our "project" car to work on together...I'm thinking he can work on it and I can drive it when she's pretty. We'll see...I might help a little.

This has been on my "list" forever...ever since Molly Ringwald drove a pink hard top in Pretty in Pink I have wanted one. It's a 1973 rare convertible...how cool. My life will never be the same...I LOVE IT!!!!! Now, to decide...what color??? J.D. won't let me do pink...don't think I didn't try to persuede him either. Yippie!

Nasty! The interior is absolutely disgusting! They say I can drive it now, but no way...gross...I'm not touching that. It has been sitting out at a farm and has poop and dead stuff in it...but one day soon, I will be on the road in My Girl looking fabulous!


The Flaming Lips Documentary

Not only are The Flaming Lips just cool, they happen to be from Oklahoma City and Wayne Coyne (front center) still lives here and Steven (left) is moving back. Brad Beasley (also from OKC) directed a documentary about them called "The Fearless Freaks" and it screened here last night...obviously we went, along with all the other cool people... Wayne was there and did a Q&A thang. It was pretty awesome. We have met he and his wife Michelle before and have a lot of friends that know them well. OKC is a small big town. We can't go anywhere without seeing people we know or people knowing people we know...amazing. Anyway, what a great film. Even if I couldn't stand them as a band (which I love them), it was very moving and interesting and extremely well done...go see it...go see them in concert (awesome and freaking at the same time)...buy their music. So love them!


Happy Birthday Little Boy

Today is Mister's 1st Birthday!!! These pics are from when Ape was 2 weeks old. My sweetness. I so love him!

Little monkey. He still looks just like this only 24 lbs heavier. He tends to have the same faces and sleep the same way and wiggle the same way. I just love it. He has been such a joy.



Okay, I just have to say this cause I love these actresses and I'd like to think these comments are true... people tell me I look like Scarlett Johansen (spelled wrong I'm sure), Monet Mazur and Julie Delpy. Don't know if I really agree, but I like to pretend.

Julie Delpy at the Before Sunset premiere which I have yet to see but is on my list.

How lovely is Monet? So pretty.

This is me with my long wavy hair a year ago...got the short going on now. This was taken for a promo for a group show I was in with my husband and friends called El Cinco Sueno. There's a resemblance right??? Ha!

Not Knittin' at All

I haven't picked up my lap blanket project at all the past two weeks...it seems my row count got off (don't have a clue how that happened) and don't feel like fixing it...so I just stare at it and do something else. I have two new babies I have to make gifts for now in the next month, plus keep up with three others I want to send to. Crazy with the babies...I hope I'm not next. So not ready for that business. Maybe next year???? Who knows. We are so loving our little Pooh Boy right now. He turns 1 yrs old on Thursday. I ordered his cake this weekend...shaped like a bone...how cute. Okay, is this weird that I'm talking about my dog's birthday party like he's a real child? Yes, it is weird, but will be so much fun. I have 5 dogs attending so far and 11 humans. It will be a lot of fun. I'm even putting together party favors for the dogs to take home with treats and toys. I bought Ape some liver paste stuff sort of like Cheese Wiz...it goes inside his Kong toy. He totally freaked out over it...loves it...now I have the perfect "give to him to keep him occupied for four hours or more" toy. Yeah!

Invitation to the party...


My poor Daddy...he had a "little" scooter wreck and banged up his face...it actually looks good here if you can tell... from what I understand his eye was all swollen shut and scrapes were worse. He's doing good now...eye socket is fractured but he feels good. Thank goodness nothing else happened. And, he was only a block out from the house. This is him saying goodbye to it and giving it up to us. He's not going to ride it anymore...makes me sad for him, cause he loved having it. But, at least it's still in the family. We are going to put a side car on it, so he can at least ride in it. Notice: I made him do the rock-n'-roll sign...cracks me up...I don't think he knew what he was doing. Love that man.


Is there a difference between WANT and NEED?

Yes, they're nearly $70 American, but I wanum! Waa! I want some wellies! I think I would wear them at least twice a year....that would be worth it huh?

Lulu's Budget Living Magazine Birthday Party

The girls are in Budget Living...yeah! Lulu on left - Janel, Amber with Ursula on right. They are out of Pasadena and Santa Barbara...scooter girls of course. This cute little article came just in time for planning my own little get together for Ape's 1st birthday party in a couple of weeks...although not to this extent. How cool that they got to be featured in the mag...love it. Ape and Lulu haven't gotten to meet yet, only long distance through their dogster pages, but we know they will just love each other when they meet soon. Check out the mag...awesome even without my friends in it.



Group shot at Iron Starr - upscale BBQ...love it...right around the corner from our home. Go Sputnik!

J.D. and I at the Saturday Night party

Miss Sara in her fur...what a glamour-puss...love it! She does my hair BTW.

Easter Egg hunt in Edgemere Park - there are my boys.

Sunday ride - Oklahoma state capital building with our beautiful new dome straight ahead.

Kitty (Henri's dog - who beats up on Ape all the time) is mesmerized by Samantha the hoochie scooter doll (check out the G).

The crowd enjoying one of our awesome bands - Twenty Minutes to Vegas or The Magnificent Seven.

Me and Mare (One of my Girlie Show partners) at the Sat. night Rock n' Roll Warehouse party.

Denver/Ft. Collins crew with Kansas and Houston guys

Show and Shine at Bricktown Plaza

J.D. with Natalie and Ashley at Musashi's...so love Nat's hot pink highlights.

Cook-out night with Toni (Sputnik OKC) and Joanie (Denver).
Check out my flower pin Nelly gave me - love it! (She's a member of Secret Servix SC).


My Missoni

Missoni on Ashley Judd Featured on www.style.com - I am obsessed with and destined to one day own and look fabulous in a Missonni knit dress/sweater/whatever. Love their work...the most gorgeous pieces I have ever seen. In fact I will have to start featuring images as I find them. Just amazing! And, how pretty is Ashley anyway...love her too.


Sweet Mama, I did it!

I started a knitting project. I'm doing the little lap blanket in this gorgeous Classic Elite- Le Gran which is the same citrus green as in the pattern pic. The coordinating color is a cobalt blue, which matches our living room rugs. The reason I'm so excited is I've been wanting to make an afgan type item for some time now...I've been prolonging the action though because it is so damn expensive to do so. I'm sure I could figure out how to get wholesale, but anticipate having to buy in major bulk...so was lazy in doing the research. I wanted to do the full size afgan pattern, but that would mean it would cost around $250 or more to make...uh, that's rediculous. Instead I am making an $85 lap blanket...still pisses me off, but will be so happy to have. I would never ever buy anything of this sort retail...never.


Random Pug Cuteness!

I wish I could give credit on this one...how cute is that...I need to be better at keeping track of these photos I "borrow" for my blog so they can get proper kuddos...on my to do list.


Scooter Girls

This is Annameike & Joanie at the Sputnik Scooter Rally 2005 in OKC (daughter on left - 14, momma on right - Pacino in arms). These are two of the best girls and so stylish. Annameike made her little doll below...looks just like her and Pacino around her neck as a stole...very cute. She wants to be an anime cartoonist. They are from Holland and their other daughter is there studying fashion design. Such a creative family. We love the Dotsons.

Annameike's Doll