Not Knittin' at All

I haven't picked up my lap blanket project at all the past two weeks...it seems my row count got off (don't have a clue how that happened) and don't feel like fixing it...so I just stare at it and do something else. I have two new babies I have to make gifts for now in the next month, plus keep up with three others I want to send to. Crazy with the babies...I hope I'm not next. So not ready for that business. Maybe next year???? Who knows. We are so loving our little Pooh Boy right now. He turns 1 yrs old on Thursday. I ordered his cake this weekend...shaped like a bone...how cute. Okay, is this weird that I'm talking about my dog's birthday party like he's a real child? Yes, it is weird, but will be so much fun. I have 5 dogs attending so far and 11 humans. It will be a lot of fun. I'm even putting together party favors for the dogs to take home with treats and toys. I bought Ape some liver paste stuff sort of like Cheese Wiz...it goes inside his Kong toy. He totally freaked out over it...loves it...now I have the perfect "give to him to keep him occupied for four hours or more" toy. Yeah!

Invitation to the party...

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