More Presents!!!

Looky - my Secret Pal sent me another present. I thought this was the big reveal, but she's making me wait even longer (of course I'm doing the same to my girl). I got some very pretty lavendar/purple linen yarn with a pattern for a table runner, and a cd box with pink flowers and a gorgeous pink rhinestone flower brooch and a cute pink leather butterfly keychain. Love it all...this stuff is so cool. My Secret Pal is the greatest!

A fun little gifty from Flossy-P. She was on my CD Swap list and then sent me one of her cd's too and some cute little buttons for my scooter jacket collection...rock on. Great music choices by the way too.


Finished a little project

I made this little seatbelt snuggle thing in just a coupld of hours. I will make a tighter one next time...just had to use my left over pink yarn. It gave me a chance to practice on the bobbles too. My husband takes it off though when he drives my car...of course. I couldn't wait to make it cause my seat belt always cuts into my shoulder and drives me crazy...this adds a little cushion. Very cute. BY THE BY...THIS IS A FREE PATTERN FROM MAGKNITS!!!

Pootie's helping me take pictures...of course I couldn't get him to actually sit in the seat with the belt around him...never going to happen. He was too excited to sit still, cause he thought he was going on a trip.


More Cute Pug Stuff

So, this is Ape's girlfriend Betsy...with her Momma, Becky at his birthday party. How small world is it that we both have the pug t-shirts! Plus we have the same Christmas (I know that's cheesy) pug t-shirts...they're stylin' though, don't worry! Becky's an interior designer...so much fun, but not a knitter yet...still trying to convince her that anyone can do it. In the mean time, she's paying me to make her stuff, so that's all good for me...tee hee.


Random Pug Cuteness

Ape's Daddy is so mean to him...tying the octopus to his belly...he doesn't like it too much, but it's funny to watch him run around with udders.


Buttons Galore

I have yet to figure out how to put a Flickr link on my blog so I can show ya'll my trip to Europe. It gives me an error of course.

Well, here is one of me standing somewhere in Austria in the very spot where we were stranded when the 1970's Vespa we had borrowed for the ride to Italy broke down on us. It was a beautiful scene though...and remember I had my knitting with me so it was all good.

And, I show this particular shot to show off some of my button/badge collection. Flossy P has been raving about the giant flower logo button I sent her with the CD Swap stuff, so I thought I would show my scooter jacket so you can see all my obsession. I'm wearing one of the giant flowers...if you can tell...it's at the top. I'm kinda anal too...look how I neatly line them up in rows...all very perfect and straight...how weird. I should take a detail photo...there are some fun ones.

This is a pic Flossy shot of her giftie...notice the giant button...love it.

So, I've received 3 of my 5 cd's so far from the CD Swap2. It's fun receiving music that other people are interested in. One girl is a 15 year old , Jenny, that snuck her stuff out cause her Dad is real hard on her and she had to make it top secret...she even printed out lyrics...a lot of Beatles and Rolling Stones and some sad alternative songs. Another girl, Becca, sent a theme cd of all songs either related to "science" or school or having the words "science" or "education" in the title...very cleaver. The 1st cd I received was from Kristi in Colorado...some fun tunes on there...lots I had never heard of. I'm going to sit out of the next CD Swap, but will definately do it again.


Crochetista - not the same affect huh?

I took a crochet class this weekend. I hadn't crocheted since I was a wee one, so the one handed thing was freaking me out since I'm so used to using two needles. I'm guess I'm a visual person...I picked it up very quickly and learned all the stitches I should know, but when I look at a pattern it makes absolutely no since to me...figures. I guess I'm going to have to go back and get some assistance with that too. It's cool though, cause now, I should be able to do some pretty edging and cute patterns I've been eye-balling. It's still not the same as knitting though...doesn't give you the same satisfaction.

I love this old postcard from Vogue. I found it on style.com a while back. I collect postcards and would love to find some old knitting ones...will have to keep the ol' eye out now.

I'm this close to finishing the One Stitch Wonder...and it is a wonder what's taking me so long. I'm way to much of a perfectionist. I have all the stitches picked up around the edge and am going to start on the ribbing. I should fly through that as long as I have enough yarn. I'm on my second skein and it's looking a little thin in the middle. I hope it makes it through. I'm going to finish it by the weekend for sure.


Tattoo or not to tattoo?

I was at a birthday get together for my girlfriend Dawny last night and one of the girls just got another tattoo, well two tattoos, last week of blue birds on her rib cage...ouch!...we ooohed and ahhhed over them which started a discussion of getting one vs. not getting and getting some removed. Oh, what shall we do.

Well, my husband and I have been thinking of getting tattoos together for some time now. I've pretty much decided that it's all I can think about and really want one...and then of course I go back and forth about it too. He does the same thing.

I have many girlfriends who have multiple and/or large tattoos...even sleeves, which are just beautiful. I'm not that courageous though. So, it was just interesting talking about where we are in our lives...all in the 30-40 age range...and some of us just now getting tattoos at almost "middle age" if you think about it, some of us against ever getting one and one girl has had tattoos for about 2o years and isn't so much into the styles she chose at a younger age. She is looking into getting some of hers removed now, which of course is more expensive than getting them put on and you aren't guaranteed them coming off completely.

It's just very interesting how women have changed through the years and our life styles...you can kind of compare it to how the majority of us haven't had children yet and either just got married in our 30's or are still single...everything is happening later for us which is okay and I think even better for making mature and experienced choices.

I like where I am in my 30's and am successful and happy with most areas of my life (there will always be insecurity issues of course) and am able to have fun adventures with my husband...even though we need to start making plans to have children, it will happen soon and I feel better about doing it now than looking back at how young and inmature I was in my 20's.
I have had a more fulfilling life so far where I feel good about getting a tattoo or having a baby at my age now. We're all different and I think all the fun little things make us more interesting individuals.


a gorgeous tattoo by artist Jen Gallagher at Life Time Tattoo in Denver

...another fabulous and colorful tatoo out of Seattle. I love all the retro styles.


It's the Blythe

Here's little miss Blythe doll...she is pretty cute...I've got it all out of my system now though...don't need anymore of those...on to the next purse or shoes I need to have. Is that fish supposed to go on her head...I have no idea...it's just keeping her hair fixed because of course I had to take it down and mess with it...hello.


You girls rock!

Thank you Miss Pink for helping me...you instructions were perfect...I can totally picture how that looks now...Whoo Hoo! I'm so glad I have smart knitting friends like Cathi and Amy to help me. Now I can finish my shrug...I'm so excited you just don't know. This will be the second patterned piece of clothing I have completed (not counting peachy poncho) for myself...and I actually want to wear this one. You guys haven't seen my first sleeveless sweater I did...maybe I'll show you in a future post of horrors.

THANKS GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got even more presents

Here are all my pretty little pink presents from my Secret Pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I got: I had to make a pom pom immediately with my new Japanese kit...what fun! I'm wondering if she made this awesome party scarf...absolutely love it either way! She also sent a fun scarf pattern, some yummy pink curvy yarn and Hello Kitty candy and puffy stickers (oh, junior high memories). Thank you so much girlfriend...what a treat!


One Skein Wonder needs help! I don't get it...

Girls, what am I not getting???? I’m so confused and I really don’t know why…can someone please help me?!?

I’ve been working on the One Skein Wonder and got the body of it done and it looks beautiful and the pattern was so easy and I was so proud cause I planned on wearing it to work on Monday. So, what is Stefani saying to do on the sleeve part???…I’m not seeing the number of stitches to do or anything…it’s confusing what I’m supposed to do. I feel like part of the instructions are left out or something. I guess I'm just a more visual person and need step by step diagrams like a dummy...

Here’s what it says after the body is finished:

“At this point, all the knitting for the main part of the shrug is finished. Now the seeed stitch trim on the sleeve cuffs is worked and stitches picked up around the body for the ribbing. (Note: I don’t get that part either, by the way!)

Finish Sleeves: Left Sleeve: Using the 5 us needle, work the trim for the left sleeve back and forth in seed stitch for one inch Cast off loosely. Seam (Note: Am I just knitting a certain number of stitches to do this? Am I only picking up and knitting from the stitch holders and out? Am I supposed to pick-up stitches do this with a separate needle on the bottom of the body? I just don’t get it? And where the heck do you seam AT?)

Place the stiches between the two markets onto a stitch holder or length of scrap yarn to be worked later. (Note: huh???)”

And, then of course the rest of the pattern is a complete blur as well. Obviously, my brain is fried and I just don’t get it, because how many lovelies have made this so far…jillions. Someone knows what they are doing.

What do I do? Plus – was I supposed to bind-off the body section??? Hep me Hep me!

Here she is...in her all her glitter. This is a gorgeous yarn - kacki with gold threads...will get those details later...so soft.

I'm assuming this is the arm area????

Detail of my new mahjong stitch markers....love them!!!! Miss Cathi made them for me plus some cute little earrings and more to share with my friends. Thank you Sweetie! Just Darling.