Buttons Galore

I have yet to figure out how to put a Flickr link on my blog so I can show ya'll my trip to Europe. It gives me an error of course.

Well, here is one of me standing somewhere in Austria in the very spot where we were stranded when the 1970's Vespa we had borrowed for the ride to Italy broke down on us. It was a beautiful scene though...and remember I had my knitting with me so it was all good.

And, I show this particular shot to show off some of my button/badge collection. Flossy P has been raving about the giant flower logo button I sent her with the CD Swap stuff, so I thought I would show my scooter jacket so you can see all my obsession. I'm wearing one of the giant flowers...if you can tell...it's at the top. I'm kinda anal too...look how I neatly line them up in rows...all very perfect and straight...how weird. I should take a detail photo...there are some fun ones.


ana said...

You officially win the "most badges on a scooter jacket" award. Go forth. Be proud!

flossy-p said...

HA! I love it. It takes me about 4 attempts to get my button sitting in exactly the perfect spot on my jacket... Lord knows how long it takes you to get all of those buttons lined up so precisely. Good Job!

Thanks for the special request pic :D

jen said...

erin you win for most buttons on a jacket. wow.

if i had a button maker i would try to have a button EMPIRE. that and a bunch of type nerd buttons adorning everything i owned! hee hee hee