Self Portrait Tuesday 2

Top o' my head with husband making lude hand gestures in the background. We are sitting on floor pillows in the Morracan room at Velvet Monkey Too watching the Sputnik Rally 2006 video.
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Self Portrait Tuesday 1

Me and my Missonis
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Yes, I'm going to try to do this project too. So, here's my first official Self Portrait Tuesday image...Me & My Missoni's, Location: fabulous hotel bathroom in Denver, AmeriVespa weekend - getting ready to head out to the Friday night dance party - July 2006


Wardrobe Remix

These are way old photos, but I finally decided maybe I should start posting my Wardrobe Remix photos. I only have a few, but love the idea and want to try to keep up with the project. So, here goes.
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Yes, these are from last winter, but that's how far behind I am in getting this, yet another project off the ground. It will probably be sporadic, but it's fun.

JCrew cardigan
BCBG cami
Cropped tweed pants
Necklace - vintage glass drop, my design
Lucky brand quilted multi-color leather hobo
Vintage cuffed Frye boots

Posted by Picasa Walmart fedora hat (yes, Walmart...amazing - and note: I hate that store)
Faux fur scarf
Express satin quilted jacket
Limited cropped pinstripe pants
Black knee-high leather Harold's boots


The one and only shot of me on my scooter from our club ride last weekend. I love my girl!
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Aggrolites Pop the Trunk

The Aggrolites were in the City last night...had to go. They are an awesome Ska/Reggae band from LA. We got to see them at the Vegas scooter rally two years ago. And, I am so sleepy this morning because of staying out on a Tuesday night...not good. If you get the chance, go see them...fun people watching too. A lot of skinheads and punkers like them and they get out there and dance their asses off..so funny. But, they didn't play Pop the Trunk...bummer. Oh, and happened to meet a new knitter friend there...she was knitting in public and I caught her...awesome.
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My 3 Boys!

A walk in the park...just two blocks from the house...I love our neighborhood! The boys posed for a portrait for momma...already worn out from the walk only half way around. Our park is a mile around...it's so pretty with a creek and hills. The story is that it used to be the original Golf & Country Club course in Oklahoma City in the 20's. I don't know if it's true, but it's designed as if it could be a golf course. We try to walk the boys often, but it's been in the 100's for so long, it wears us all out, so we haven't been in a while. They need some excercise, so I hope it cools off soon.
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Long-legged Enzo, waiting for his piddly-butt brother.
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Proof that my scooter was at AmeriVespa

See, someone else took a photo of my bike...someone I don't even know...
there she is, waiting for me to get back from shopping so we can go eat lunch.
This was at the shopping ride.
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And, here she is at Sunday brunch...this is the spot where she got on tv.
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A big day for Enzo

Enzo sweet boy
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My sweet little boy had is little man surgery today....had to do it though...we can't have him humping his big brother all the time. Say a little prayer for the Ennie..my little punkin head.

NOTE: Little sugar bear was bouncing back, literally, the next morning. He is back to his ol' silly bubbly self as if nothing happened.


AmeriVespa 2006 - Denver

We just got back from AmeriVespa last weekend in Denver. We had a blast...met lots of new friends and got lots of heat. My husband did a fantastic job at planning this event...went off without a hitch. There were over 500 attending...the largest scooter event in the nation...awesome.

My scooter is featured briefly in this Denver News segment...of course you can't see me sitting on it. I have no photos of me on my bike at all from the weekend. Look for the hot pink Vespa...she's gorgeous! For more event photos, check out: Scoot.net.

I was bummed that I had no extra time to hook up with Cathi who lives there...was in the plans, but we were so overwhelmed with things I couldn't make it out to see her. Maybe next time! I got a little knitting done...working on the Baby's 1st Tattoo sweater from SnB Nation for a girlfriend's baby girl.

Shoe Documentary collage from AmeriVespa 2006.

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A kickin' tattoo on a friend from Toronto

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With Nelly and Amber at the banquet.

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Dawn from San Antonio with her hot new paint job,
The gorgeous Dotson Fam from Ft. Collins, random
scooter and the fans at the Gymkana.

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Ice Ice Bento

Bento Stuff
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These are so cool....I found them in the Target dollar section. I got the frozen shapes to go in my Bento to keep food cool. And, of course, the Hello Kitty bags are just cause!