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Okay, two pics of the week...who would have guessed...MOLLY RINGWALD. LOVE HER...and the hair...goodness girl. Posted by Hello


Man, this is a totally new creative deal...I can be so much more expressive now. Still don't get how to organize my template on the blog, but at least I can have photos.

I decided to have a weekly cool pic called "Loving This"...here's the first...well the first two.



Am back on the knitting track. working on a felted bowler for a trade. and one more scarf for commission. I am just dying to start a sweater for myself. The holiday has been good for me for sales though. It is amazing how many people call to see if I have any scarves or jewelry for sale. Excellent for the bank account.

We had a nice trip to Santa Fe. the pug was so dominant over his standard poodle cousin, Pablo, so that was a bit insane. The boy played in his first snow ever and absolutely loved it...what a card...And of course the family, well, the husbands family was there too. We'll go back in another year for Thanksgiving.

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Lookie what I got...my Pinku Flower Swap partner, Priscilla, sent these goodies to me over Christmas...yippie! The gummies and chocolate were yummy and the pin is so cute...THANK YOU PRISCILLA! And, mine is coming very soon...gotta get on the ball! Posted by Hello


In the Real World

I've had quite some time to rest since The Girlie Show. What an amazing success that was. Check out the party pics http://www.thegirlieshow.net. I am really proud of myself...not being ego-maniac or anything...just honest. From having a concept in my head to getting friends to join forces with me to having the biggest art show/party in the City...especially for the first year. There were over 600 people there. Just amazing.

So, things will be getting ready for next year coming in January. We are starting a little early this time...getting our ducks in a row...or should I say "Girlies" in a row. Hee Hee.

Other news...baby boy will be born next week. The litter is due and we can get him in February. Can't wait. Ape is in obedience class and doing okay. He minds when he wants to but is such a sweetie pie. We got him a new bed so he can hang out with us in the living room and he loves it...napping all the time. Precious.

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Icky Santa

This was so kitsch I just had to do it...and what a nasty Santa...look how he's holding my boy...oh, the memories of Ape's first Christmas. Hillarious! Posted by Hello