Hello Kitty Scoots

Hello Kitty Scooter, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

A friend of mine sent me an e-card and it had two of my favorite things...Hello Kitty riding a scooter. This is so cute! You can send one too from Yahoo.


Glorious new shoes

BCs green, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I'm so loving my new St. Patrick's Day shoes. How cute are these. Yes, I love my pink, but am so into green right now too. I wore them yesterday and got so many complements. I picked these up at Dillards....they're BC brand. Of course Momma's got to have her shoes!


Drunk Gnome

This completely cracks me up! I got JD this gnome toy for Christmas. It is hysterical. You record your message and it replays it in a little gnome voice. We leave messages on it for each other all the time. We went out one night and were being silly when we got home and JD had the hiccups and we were laughing so hard cause he was a little tipsy to add to the moment...and then he recorded this. Mind you my husband has a very manly voice normally.


Hello, naked belly

Coming right at ya, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Normally, I wouldn't show off my midriff and this is a little gross, but interesting point of view for me. I don't think I realize sometimes just how big I am. I wake up in the mornings and forget I'm pregnant. The strange dreams leave me in such a fog I don't know what is reality anymore. It takes me an hour or so to realize that yes, there is a baby in there and it's coming in three months. Yikes!

I read today that Flynn should be 13 inches and almost 2 pounds. I think I'm in denial or something...I just can't imagine he's in there sometimes.


Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix 030307, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

-Ann Taylor silk cardi
-Limited cami
-Motherhood Maternity knit pencil skirt (so comfortable)
-vintage estate sale glass ear-bobs and Betsey Johnson rhinestone bangle
-Payless vintage-y heels

Wardrobe Remix 030307 belly, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Belly Shot

Wardrobe Remix 030407, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Wardrobe Remix 030407
-Target XXL Woman's babydoll ruffled sleeve top
-Motherhood Maternity jeans
-JCrew tee
-Keen maryjane's

Wardrobe Remix 030407 feet, originally uploaded by Knitterista.


Belly 2 Belly

Belly 2 Belly, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

We had Dawn and Freddy's baby shower this weekend for little Lulu.
Dawn is two months ahead of me, due April 27. It is so much fun having one of my best girls going through pregnancy at the same time. I love this shot...Flynn and Lulu are kissing. they are going to be best of friends. I can't wait til they are both here.

Lulu, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Year of the Golden Pig-gy Bank

This is our little piggy's golden piggy bank. Isn't it hideous? It will be quite a story though for him when he grows up and has collected all kinds of dough in it! Super duper extra good luck!


No they didn't

PB_DaisyChainImage, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I totally had this idea first...trust me. I wore those damn morning sickness ugly ass elastic grey sweatband looking things for two/three months in the beginning of my pregnancy and I said, "wouldn't it be brilliant of me to come up with these that are super stylish and cute?" No lie, I totally said that to everyone that noticed me wearing those nasty things. And, now that I don't need them anymore, someone snatched my brilliant idea and had them made. Their glorious...and I'm jealous. I totally recommend for those preggo ladies out there that these saved my life when I had morning sickness. I would totally buy all of these.


Oscar Fashion Faves

Oscar Fashion Faves, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I just love the vintage look of course and jewel tones are my fave too. These chicks are to die for: Gwyneth, Gwen, Shiva Rose, Maggie & Reese). I loved Helen Mirren (I want to be like here when I'm older) and Dita Von Teese too (I want to look like her when I'm younger).

When I have the baby I'm gonna work extra hard to get slim again so I can wear some of my pretty things and go shopping where I want. I've noticed the booty and thighs gettin' a little out of hand...nothing I can do about that for now...but I have a plan for the next year. This morning I couldn't pull the keyboard very close to me...it bounced off my belly...too funny!