Becky's One Skein Wonder

My dear friend Becky had mentioned that she liked my One Skein Wonder... I'm going to go ahead and stick my neck out here and say, probably 2 years ago...and I started one for her and got nearly complete and for stupid reason I never finished it. I think because the yarn was totally wrong, but I wouldn't admit it because I hate spending time on something only to onravel and start over.

So, going along with my plan to save money and consume less, I was going to finish that darn schrug and give it to her for her birthday. Because I'm also on a kick to finish my unfinished projects.
I just couldn't bear to give her the tan ugly mess, so I started over in a different color that I knew she would love.

And, yes, she freakin' loved it...announced that the purple I choose was her new color for the season and wigged out. And, proud to say it fit her perfectly and is adorable.

One Skein Wonder - CHECK...off the list!

August 2008

Partay all night!
We had two big events to attend this Saturday night...and Flynn was a social butterfly.

We first attended the Rally on the Alley event at Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery. It was a scooter themed art show. Our bikes were on display. That's me and Flynn sitting on my Vespa. He and Daddy have fun on the patio.

Then we zoomed over to Dawn & Freddy's for a soiree. They had filmed for a design show (Utopia Joe) earlier in the evening and then had the Oh Johnny Girls singing and a movie playing in the backyard. It was too much fun. Wish we could have stayed longer at both, but the little boy was pooped out by the end of the night. It was great to see all our friends out though...at least we got out of the house for a change and socialized like other adult individuals. Good times!


I had been documenting Flynn's wardrobe since he was born...kinda kept track of his growth too. I thought it would be fun since I do the Wardrobe Remix group when I can and since that is only for grown-ups, I thought I would start my own group for the kiddos.

So, in August, I did just that...it's called HIP BABY STYLE.
Go here to sign up and share your baby's stylish wardrobe.

The icon I use is from a scooter rally tshirt a friend brought back for Flynn from AmeriVespa, designed by Modified.

Chevron Scarf - Check

I finally finished my sister's birthday scarf in July. Her birthday was in April. Just as I was getting into the pattern and making some headway, I fell and broke my wrist. So, there was no knitting to be had for some time. And, once I was able to knit a little bit, it hurt really bad and I had the use of only two fingers on my left hand...sucked.

I had plenty of time to complete the project but just couldn't control the situation. Oh well. Things happen. But, I did get it done and hopefully she liked it in the end...part of my "make everyone's gifts this year" project. It turned out pretty cute.

First Trip to the Zoo

We live in the best neighborhood and have made some of the best friends with our neighbors on our block. There are about 6 houses of families that get together and have parties and cook-outs...great fun. Although one of our best friends moved away recently to grow their family in a larger house, we still get together all of us with the kids.

We went to the zoo, Flynn's first trip, with the Oldfield boys and the Curran boys...all close to the same age, with Flynn coming in as the smallest. It was so cute to see him checking out the animals. We saw up close the baby lion cubs, then there were the bears, and of all things, he loved the catfish the most...guess it is a water lovein' thing.


Summer Fun 2008

These are a few of my favorite Flynn shots from over the summer.
-He sure had a great time at his first pool party. The neighbor boys didn't know what to think of all his splashing. He loves the water.
-The 4th of July was fun too...he tried his first plum and devoured it...so cute in his red and blue stripes. We were at our yearly neighborhood party...a can't miss.

-That boy loves to swing at the park and get close to his toys

-Grandma and Grandpa took him to the science museum in the building where I work and he played in the little tykes area, got all wet.
-He learns how to walk by pushing his dump truck
-New birthday swing of his very own in the backyard

-Giggle fest
-playing with his new cousin, Addysin
-having fun with his Dada

Off to Connecticut

I work for a non-profit American Indian cultural organization...in June we have our huge Festival: art and dance event. It's a huge undertaking, but I've done it many times before so it was like old hat jumping into it again. As part of my new post, I am getting to attend some amazing museum (which we also have) conferences.

I won a scholarship to attend the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian exhibit renewal conference. It was at the Pequot Tribe's reservation in Connecticut. I had never been to that part of the country, except for NYC, and it was just gorgeous. It was one of the best experiences ever, plus I have a lot more museum related knowledge under my belt now and made some great friends.

The tribe hosted a lobster dinner one night on the coast just down from Mystic Pizza (shot that out the window as we cruised by). We had a double rainbow view of the harbor. Part of the workshops included mount-making classes. The lower right shot is of the Pequot Museum...gorgeous.

I've taken two more museum courses since, but they are related more to archiving which I find fascinating. Lots to do in the museum now that I'm a know it all.

Flynn's 1st Birthday Party

BooBoo's first birthday party was Memorial weekend. We had over 40 people (close friends, neighbors and family) at the house. It was a tight fit but so much fun. It was a vintage race car theme. Flynn wore a tshirt I made for him and we got him the cutest Little Red Wagon race car. He's now getting more into it now that his legs are longer. He also got the blue Pooh Bear car which makes plenty of noise. His party was so much fun. He was startled by the singing of the birthday song but got into when he realized it was all for him. My friend Melissa is an awesome baker...she made his cake to match his tshirt and the cookies too. My inlaws put in landscaping that weekend as their gift to us all. It turned out really nice...we needed it. It really was a perfect first birthday party. Next year...low key.

The invite for Flynn's 1st Birthday Party taken from a vintage children's postcard.


May 2008

A lot has happened in the past 5 months. Wow!
The month of May will be a little ridiculous for me for the rest of my life event-wise. Mother's Day is one weekend, my birthday the next, then Flynn's birthday the next, which is also Memorial weekend. Ugh.

And, to add to it, the Canvas Show is right after that. I wasn't able to go cause it is also the weekend as a huge event that my new/old job puts together. This is the second show and the second pair of Van's I designed for the Canvas event.

I went back to an old job I had seven years ago, but now with more experience and a better title, etc. I started in March, the same day I fell and broke my wrist. hmmm...coincidence is it all? All I know, is it was all bad timing. I had and still have way too much on my plate. Time to say no.

Good grief girl! Where have you been?

Well, gee...if anyone still checks up on me, I am still around. I haven't posted in a while cause I got behind and I hate to get out of order with things that have happened, so I want to start from the beginning, which was in May. So I will just have to do it quickly, so I can get back on track with what I'm up to now. I will make small posts in consecutive order to when they happened.

This is a current photo of my little booger. Flynn is the cutest little boy I have ever seen in my life. He just surprises me everyday with his happy smile and joy in his heart...pure sweetness is this baby!

He has a pop up air machine that makes little balls go up in the air. He is obsessed with it and freakin' loves it. He's taking a break in this photo to get one of his pingpong balls that went across the room.

PS: We call him Shaggy. Check out the hair growth difference from the previous post.