Good grief girl! Where have you been?

Well, gee...if anyone still checks up on me, I am still around. I haven't posted in a while cause I got behind and I hate to get out of order with things that have happened, so I want to start from the beginning, which was in May. So I will just have to do it quickly, so I can get back on track with what I'm up to now. I will make small posts in consecutive order to when they happened.

This is a current photo of my little booger. Flynn is the cutest little boy I have ever seen in my life. He just surprises me everyday with his happy smile and joy in his heart...pure sweetness is this baby!

He has a pop up air machine that makes little balls go up in the air. He is obsessed with it and freakin' loves it. He's taking a break in this photo to get one of his pingpong balls that went across the room.

PS: We call him Shaggy. Check out the hair growth difference from the previous post.

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mames said...

oh, he is so cute. i cannot believe one is approaching so quickly. i am loving his hair too. we played with that pop up air toy a lot in a playgroup...until my twins broke it by shoving a maraca into the air tunnel. love those boys.