Self Portrait Tuesday 11

Enzo and Momma: from Study of a Tired Face Series
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I just love this photo of Louise Brooks...so pretty!
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Self Portrait Tuesday 10

close up of my tired face.
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Self Portrait Tuesday 9
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Another shot from the "Study of a Tired Face" Series. I took a jillion photos one night the week before the show and was so exhausted and maybe a little tipsy from dinner...we had just had our volunteer walk-through meeting too.
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Hey Hey Hey!

It's almost The Girlie Show day! I'm getting so freakin' nervous! We are all ready for it though, except for actual set up. My stomach gets in such knots though. Oh, dear! Wish me luck this weekend! It's going to be spectacular! I just need to take a few deep breaths!
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And, check out our gorgeous poster this year! I so love it!
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Self Portrait Tuesday 8

Self Portrait Tuesday 8
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in the bathroom documenting Jen's bridal necklace...not too gorgeous on the yellow tshirt..but the bride looked gorgeous..photos to come.


Here comes The Girlie Show!!!

Two weeks away....arrrggggh! I can't believe it is upon me so quickly. There is a lot to do yet...but feel pretty confident and not as stressed out as last year...thank goodness. I can't believe Mare, Dawn and I pull this off so smoothly each time. And this year, it's two days! This is our third year for the show. And, if any of you have never heard of it, for some strange reason, here is what you're missing...www.thegirlieshow.net. It's an all girl artist indie art/craft show in Oklahoma City and she's fabulous!!! With 49 artists, what's not to love...shopping shopping and more shopping! Be our MySpace friend!

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Self Portrait Tuesday 7

Went to take photos of the interiors of a historic abandoned building for a developer...a little creepy inside with no electricity for lights. I sat down on the lone staircase waiting for an associate while she was on the phone. I figured I'd do a little "artistic" photography while sitting there...hence the shoe shots....and if you're wondering where I found those - got them on ebay several years ago....love them!