Random Pug Cuteness?

This site is actually wonderful, but these outfits have got to go. www.pamperedpuppy.com has a mascot which is the sweetest little puggy you ever did see. These photos are from her little portrait area. The owner tries her out with all the little outfits that are offered for sale. She's usually in a precious sweater of jeweled collar. These images are a little too freaky for me. The furry thing is nasty and makes her look like a monster. I just don't know about this. Do check out the site. Ape made it as an honorable mention in the monthly photo contest last year...well of course he did...little baby boy. Posted by Picasa

I'm frightened for this poor baby and anyone who may come in contact with her...eeeeek! Posted by Picasa




This is just gorgeous! Illustrator Sabrina Ward Harrison! Posted by Picasa

Loving This!

Isn't she fabulous?!!! Iris Apfel is still stunning and also so fascinating...she's got it going on...amazing style and the glasses are to die for. A woman after my heart...I am a freak for jewelry & accessories too by the way. I want her closet...of course now it's donated to the Costume Institute at the MET...maybe I'll get to see it one day. Lucky me I was in New York when the Jackie O clothing exhibit was up, like the last weekend. Oh my goodness...it was breathtaking...what an amazing thing to see...of course I got the coffee table book.

My mom also told me she bought me a book I've been lusting for for some time: Shocking! Elsa Schiapparelli story. I can't wait...but will have to until my birthday..May is a long way's away. Posted by Picasa

So cool!


Loving This!

This totally cracks me up!!! Guess who? Of course this is yours truly and hubby. We are totally addicted to Southpark. We are a little late in the game, just getting to watch all the reruns since we haven't had cable. I even stay up sometimes during the week to watch it. We laugh outloud at the vulgarity of it all...isn't that sad? So, now we can play along and be cartoons too. What's funny is this looks just like us! Love it! I can totally see us as characters in the show..hysterical! Thanks to Punk Rock Purl's site, I found this, so now I'm passing it on to you...make your own southpark character at: http://www.vexatori.de/zib/spstudio.html Posted by Picasa


Knitting Goals for 2006


* to finish the lapblanket
* to make husband's skull cap
* to make fingerless gloves for self
* to make hotpink mohair wrap
* to work on design and creation of more felted fedoras
* to work on a scarf for felting as a side project when need a break from the rest

That's it...that's all I'm committing to. And, with the plan in force...hopefully you will be seeing photos of completion as the year moves ahead. Wish me luck...doesn't seem like much to ya? Well, it's not, but maybe I will actually get more than this accomplished...fingers crossed.


I won! I won!

I won these awesome vintage Frye boots yesterday...hopefully will receive them before Christmas weekend. Love them! They better fit!

So, I had gotten these other "what I thought were" Frye boots for like $5 at Wall's Bargain Center...they are actually Dingo's and ended up being way to big to even fake wearing...not fun. I think they are men's boots. But, I'm just going to put those on ebay and try to make up for buying my new ones that I can now wear in comfort, I hope!

The Dingo's are really cool. They fit a friend of mine, but she wanted me to try to get some money from them instead of just giving them to her...what a sweetie...they are awfully cute though. I will post when I'm putting them up...they are probably a size 9 women's. Posted by Picasa

The Dingo ate my baby!

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Random Pug Cuteness

Now really, how cute is this?
I'm doing my holiday greeting (card from fluffshop.com) a little early this month as I have no idea if I will be posting on time or not...I've been a little sporadic lately. We haven't had a chance to take doggie holiday photos this year, so maybe we'll do it every other year...who knows. You all know how cute he is anyway! Posted by Picasa



Why yes I watch America's Next Top Model and I feel completely ripped off. Nicole is a nincompoop (I have no idea how to spell that, but you get the gist). Whinny little 12 year old is how she behaves. Nik was stunning and gorgeous and graceful and I have no idea what the judges were thinking when they didn't pick her. She will totally outshine that little kid in the future though with no problem. That's my opinion anyway. Whaaaa!

By the by, I hear there is to be a British edition to the show starting soon, so will have to watch the tabs to find out the details. Can't wait. I'm addicted to anything fashion...I don't care if it's a stupid show.