Random Pug Cuteness?

This site is actually wonderful, but these outfits have got to go. www.pamperedpuppy.com has a mascot which is the sweetest little puggy you ever did see. These photos are from her little portrait area. The owner tries her out with all the little outfits that are offered for sale. She's usually in a precious sweater of jeweled collar. These images are a little too freaky for me. The furry thing is nasty and makes her look like a monster. I just don't know about this. Do check out the site. Ape made it as an honorable mention in the monthly photo contest last year...well of course he did...little baby boy. Posted by Picasa

I'm frightened for this poor baby and anyone who may come in contact with her...eeeeek! Posted by Picasa




This is just gorgeous! Illustrator Sabrina Ward Harrison! Posted by Picasa

Loving This!

Isn't she fabulous?!!! Iris Apfel is still stunning and also so fascinating...she's got it going on...amazing style and the glasses are to die for. A woman after my heart...I am a freak for jewelry & accessories too by the way. I want her closet...of course now it's donated to the Costume Institute at the MET...maybe I'll get to see it one day. Lucky me I was in New York when the Jackie O clothing exhibit was up, like the last weekend. Oh my goodness...it was breathtaking...what an amazing thing to see...of course I got the coffee table book.

My mom also told me she bought me a book I've been lusting for for some time: Shocking! Elsa Schiapparelli story. I can't wait...but will have to until my birthday..May is a long way's away. Posted by Picasa

So cool!


Loving This!

This totally cracks me up!!! Guess who? Of course this is yours truly and hubby. We are totally addicted to Southpark. We are a little late in the game, just getting to watch all the reruns since we haven't had cable. I even stay up sometimes during the week to watch it. We laugh outloud at the vulgarity of it all...isn't that sad? So, now we can play along and be cartoons too. What's funny is this looks just like us! Love it! I can totally see us as characters in the show..hysterical! Thanks to Punk Rock Purl's site, I found this, so now I'm passing it on to you...make your own southpark character at: http://www.vexatori.de/zib/spstudio.html Posted by Picasa


Knitting Goals for 2006


* to finish the lapblanket
* to make husband's skull cap
* to make fingerless gloves for self
* to make hotpink mohair wrap
* to work on design and creation of more felted fedoras
* to work on a scarf for felting as a side project when need a break from the rest

That's it...that's all I'm committing to. And, with the plan in force...hopefully you will be seeing photos of completion as the year moves ahead. Wish me luck...doesn't seem like much to ya? Well, it's not, but maybe I will actually get more than this accomplished...fingers crossed.


I won! I won!

I won these awesome vintage Frye boots yesterday...hopefully will receive them before Christmas weekend. Love them! They better fit!

So, I had gotten these other "what I thought were" Frye boots for like $5 at Wall's Bargain Center...they are actually Dingo's and ended up being way to big to even fake wearing...not fun. I think they are men's boots. But, I'm just going to put those on ebay and try to make up for buying my new ones that I can now wear in comfort, I hope!

The Dingo's are really cool. They fit a friend of mine, but she wanted me to try to get some money from them instead of just giving them to her...what a sweetie...they are awfully cute though. I will post when I'm putting them up...they are probably a size 9 women's. Posted by Picasa

The Dingo ate my baby!

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Random Pug Cuteness

Now really, how cute is this?
I'm doing my holiday greeting (card from fluffshop.com) a little early this month as I have no idea if I will be posting on time or not...I've been a little sporadic lately. We haven't had a chance to take doggie holiday photos this year, so maybe we'll do it every other year...who knows. You all know how cute he is anyway! Posted by Picasa



Why yes I watch America's Next Top Model and I feel completely ripped off. Nicole is a nincompoop (I have no idea how to spell that, but you get the gist). Whinny little 12 year old is how she behaves. Nik was stunning and gorgeous and graceful and I have no idea what the judges were thinking when they didn't pick her. She will totally outshine that little kid in the future though with no problem. That's my opinion anyway. Whaaaa!

By the by, I hear there is to be a British edition to the show starting soon, so will have to watch the tabs to find out the details. Can't wait. I'm addicted to anything fashion...I don't care if it's a stupid show.


yeh right!

So, my husband's scooter was stolen last week...right out of our drive way. Isn't that nice. We joke about living in "the hood", and I guess we do when things like that can happen. A neighbor was robbed at knifepoint in that same time period too. Scarrrry!

We haven't seen or heard anything about the bike yet...crossing our fingers something will appear.

To make things a little better, he got a good job shooting a tailgate party...not just any party...a huge tented richy rich party outside of OUs stadium. It was for the bedlam game. Don't think I didn't take my knitting...my sister was appauled, she just doesn't get it. All the little loaded (you could take that either way) ladies were eyeballing me and telling me how beautiful my work was. They were so jealous...they were bored too and had nothing to do but watch the game and drink free booze. It was a pretty cool event though...cool to be included.
So, I've gotten a little further on the ol' lap blanket...I'm on a second skein of green anyway...yippie.

The boy is off at Grandma and Papa's house. We call it Camp Cushing. He loves it there and is having a great time taking over their home, but we are missing him something awful...all that energy is gone from our home and it is way too quiet. You think we're ready for kids? Maybe so.

I've pretty much gotten all my Christmas shopping done...just need to get some stocking stuffers for JD and the boy. That feels good that I'm ahead of the game. I need to get started on the beaded bouquet I'm doing for a friend's wedding though. I have a month to complete...yikes! Gots to get on the ball. Posted by Picasa


Back on the Lap Blanket

So, this is the original that I screwed up somewhere along the way. I have since torn it out and restarted from the beginning since I couldn't find my mistake. It's been sitting in my to-do pile for months now, so I decided this is the one I will finish before starting any other little knitting projects. It's very simple too, so it should take no time to finish it up.

I started going to a Stitch n' Bitch a new friend has organized, Jen...some girls I already know and some new ones have been joining in. It's so nice to be able to hang out with people who don't have an agenda and just enjoy the evening knitting. They are really great too. I look forward to my Thursday nights at The Red Cup. I have to miss tonight though because I am going to the Ian Moore concert...whoo hoo. It's been a year I think since I have seen him last...If you do anything in life and can't see him live, buy Illuminaria, his latest CD. He is so amazing. We all love him by the way. Posted by Picasa


Loving This!

Dressy Bessy is so cool...a band out of Denver by-the-by. Look how cute this paper doll promo is. She is way retro..for real. Posted by Picasa




Okay, I just had to have one more thing to do. I signed up for MySpace. So, now you can also find me at http://blog.myspace/bellascooterista . It's a crazy addiciton...send me a note and add me to your friends list. Whoo Hoo...another thing to do while I'm not working at work! Crazy!
This adorable photo is of a group of scooter chicks in London...how awesome are they! Posted by Picasa


He is so so so so bad!

This is the handiwork of my little scandelous pug dog. He is all of a sudden obsessed with pulling the toilet paper all the way down the hall and then proceeds to eat it. I don't get it. I think he is giving us a lessen of some sorts, but I'm getting a little sick of it. He has done it 6 times in the past week. Why do I keep putting the roll back up you ask? Well, when he was little I disciplined him and he moved on. Out of the blue he decides it's okay to do over and over and over and doesn't want to mind me or care. He must be needing more fiber or something. Can anyone answer me why dogs like paper products so much? He's driving me batty. Posted by Picasa


A Little Bit O' Henna

Loving this!!! Oh my goodness...sweet Jesus!
One of our artists at The Girlie Show, Jennifer Cinocco, does henna. And since we were so busy the week of the event and didn't get to get some for the party...we could hardly stand it and had to get it done last week. It is absolutely gorgeous. I've gotten so much attention from it...like I need any more...ha ha! It's a beautiful accessory for sure. I also did a couple of small ones for potential real tattoo placement...fun!

For those who don't know the henna process...it last two weeks...already starting to fade after only a week. Look how dark it is on the second day. The process is over 500 years old and is used traditionally in Indian and Asia. Henna is a plant. It is ground up and made very fine and made into a paste using things like tea tree oil, lemon and sugar. Jennifer did it all freehand...she's amazing...using a tiny cone similar to what you would use when decorating a cake. You let it dry and keep it protected over night and then it all flakes off and you are left with the gorgeous stain. I am so in love with this whole process and end result. This is my new addiction...you will see more in the future for sure. Posted by Picasa

This is what the henna looks like with the paste on. It is in drying mode right now and is a deep dark brown color...amazing.



Me with my girlies. This was the most amazing night ever. We really are still in shock about the success. There were nearly 1,500 people there. They came early, stayed late and had a ball. It was standing room only most of the night and the artists rocked, several of them selling out...just amazing. It was the event of the year, says unknown source...and that's no lie. Check out our website for more info about the event www.thegirlieshow.net and to check out our sponsors and links to the artists.

The Farmer's Market was packed out. This shot is from the balcony where there was also food a bar and tons of people.

DJ Kelly Trance...www.iconoclastdjs.com. Kelly, Kylie and Dezire totally rocked as usual...set the tone for the party.

Cate Kelly's Fuglies - she sold out by the way...loverly creatures

Kelly Lester - fabulous up and coming painter

Me and Becky, my new best friend...so love her!

This is part of the line that wrapped around the building and down the street over an hour before opening and throughout the show...wow

Jules and Jillian on the Love Sacs with their boys

The Chefs from Trattoria Il Centro are workin it. Of course I didn't get to eat anything at all. We had 18 food sponsors and they were all spectacular.

My neighbors Amy and Erin working the ticket booth.

More artwork, Nicole Moan's ceramic corsets, on funky fabulous models

These girls got there early to get goodie bags...very smart of them...there was tons of cool stuff from our artists and sponsors packed in there...plus the darling handmade canvas tote! Rock on!


Gone for a while

This is perfect...a gnome knitting...now only if she was sitting on a scooter!

I haven't been around much and won't for the next week or so...The Girlie Show is sneaking up on me and is a week away from today, so lots of last minute finalizing to do, plus work. So, wish me luck and a smooth and successful show. I'm very excited about this year. It's going to be great. Talk with you after it's all over!


Interesting Weekend

So, we had a busy little weekend...went to a wedding and an art fundraiser for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (used to chair this event)... went to the Interpol concert at the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa...which totally rocked. They kill live.

And, Sunday we were invited to an opening of a new restaurant/bar called Cafe Nova for brunch. We know two of the owners and the GM. Another co-owner happens to be Jean-Paul from the last Bachelorette show...which I promise I do and did not watch. So, Jean-Paul actually welcomed us and shook our hands, etc. He is pretty handsome, but whatever...Bachelorette Schmatchelorette. I guess he has wheeler dealed himself into a tv reality show called The Entreprenuer...again, whatever. Although, I hope I'm filmed when we go there for drinks sometimes. It is kind of cool, cause it will get Oklahoma City some attention.

While we were having our little tapas snacks, my husband nudges me and says don't look, but we are having brunch with Wayne Coyne and his wife Michelle (they were actually sitting across the room). Wayne is the lead singer of The Flaming Lips. J.D. talked to him when Wayne lost his way to the bathroom. He has met him several times though. So, another reason why it is cool to be us. Just kidding. It was fun and is a great new place to hang out...very swank.


I swear I'm not a crazy reality tv person!

I don't watch a lot of this stuff, but I do HAVE to tune in to America's Next Top Model and that Rockstar INXS show. Those aren't necissarily "real" people, more fantasy, so it's more interesting to me. I have to admit I was a little torn between JD (left) and Marty (right) of who should have one Rockstar INXS. JD annoyed me at first...I saw right through him with his cocky little "I'm a cutie that wears too much eyeliner" attitude...he turned himself around though, because he sure could perform and the girls apparently think he's pretty cute. I liked Marty because he was so soulful and emotionally into it, but I really could picture JD more fitting in with the band. Initially I thought Mig, little Mig (center), would win because he was dramatic and was Australian, but in the end, he kind of lost it. He was too broadway. So, yeah for INXS...I hope they succeed with Mr. JD. It was interesting and by the way, Dave Navaro is a freakshow and I wanna look like Brooke Burke...gorgeous bitch. ugh!


Random Pug and Other Doggie Cuteness!

I found this drawing on www.husker-doo.com ...great illustrator...and of course the pug caught my eye. I want one of these to hang on my wall. Love it.



Check it out...just ordered this A.B.S. from Bluefly...this very well could be my hot little red dress that I'm to wear to The Girlie Show. We have to doll ourselves up you know. It's red with tiny white polka dots...a little retro and a little classy too. My shoes are very much as hot as the dress and they are a turquoise blue pump with a bow on the peep toe.

I had a "just in case" shopping day with a girlfriend of mine on Saturday and found a striped Betsey Johnson that was awesome, but ended up with a one that matches the shoes in a round about way. I think it's a 9 West. I tried on so many dresses it wasn't even funny. It's black with different color blue dots and happens to have the same top stucture as the red one. I can always take one back when I decide which to wear...or I could be a bad girl and keep both...oops. I've gotta start saving for our Italy trip next year...better send one back.

Oh, by the way...as I'm bringing up The Girlie Show...our new glam web-site is up...you must check it out...and there are a few pics of me on there as well.

The Girlie Show's fabulous new web-site...Do you love it?


Guess where I'm goin' end of the month...Interpol concert at The Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. Whoo Hoo. I haven't been to a concert since The Sounds...that's been at least a year ago...yikes. Flossy P, I'll have to wear one of my buttons to see if they recognize it from when they were eyeballing the one you wore to their concert in Australia- ha! Can't wait!


Funny Ha Ha!

Now that I'm a "crocheter", I feel like I can share this with you...I "borrowed" this from the Bits&Bobbins blog a while back...love it... and isn't she wonderful?

In case you can't read it...it says, " Enid, for the love of God, put that crochet hook DOWN!".

I think I've decided to take a break for a while on all the Swap thingys. I have loved doing the knitting swap partner and cd swap, but I will maybe do that once a year or something. It's taking away from my other things in life, cause when I do something I go all out and put way too much into it...it starts to take over.

With The Girlie Show as top priority, besides my husband, dog, and work going on, I'm learning to focus a little bit better on committing to only a few things and not saying yes to everything which tends to make me overextend myself. It feels good not to have so much on my plate...as if all those things aren't committment enough. This year I've decided to: give up chairing an art event, donating art to fundraisers, having a booth at events and volunteering anywhere. I've given a lot of energy and time over the years...now it's time to focus on me. It takes a lot of effort being me you know? It's exhausting.

I need to get focused and get back to work on my knitting projects. I forgot to mention that I had finished my One Skein Wonder, but need to take photos to proove it how cute it turned out. That's coming soon. It felt so good to finish that.

Things I want to work on this fall (maybe this will actually make me do these things if I tell the world): Painting the dining room and hanging our new light fixtures, finish painting the guest bedroom, have a garage sale, start my little top- secret business, do landscaping on the house, work on knitting projects, spend more time with my little family, work on my friendships and just take it easy on myself. There is much much more I could have on this list, but that's too much work to write it all down here. I am a list person, so don't think this isn't written down somewhere else. This should get me started for sure and maybe motivate me a little.