yeh right!

So, my husband's scooter was stolen last week...right out of our drive way. Isn't that nice. We joke about living in "the hood", and I guess we do when things like that can happen. A neighbor was robbed at knifepoint in that same time period too. Scarrrry!

We haven't seen or heard anything about the bike yet...crossing our fingers something will appear.

To make things a little better, he got a good job shooting a tailgate party...not just any party...a huge tented richy rich party outside of OUs stadium. It was for the bedlam game. Don't think I didn't take my knitting...my sister was appauled, she just doesn't get it. All the little loaded (you could take that either way) ladies were eyeballing me and telling me how beautiful my work was. They were so jealous...they were bored too and had nothing to do but watch the game and drink free booze. It was a pretty cool event though...cool to be included.
So, I've gotten a little further on the ol' lap blanket...I'm on a second skein of green anyway...yippie.

The boy is off at Grandma and Papa's house. We call it Camp Cushing. He loves it there and is having a great time taking over their home, but we are missing him something awful...all that energy is gone from our home and it is way too quiet. You think we're ready for kids? Maybe so.

I've pretty much gotten all my Christmas shopping done...just need to get some stocking stuffers for JD and the boy. That feels good that I'm ahead of the game. I need to get started on the beaded bouquet I'm doing for a friend's wedding though. I have a month to complete...yikes! Gots to get on the ball. Posted by Picasa


amylovie said...

That's terrible! I hope you hear something soon.

Thank you for the link to your LYS. I'm going to check it out ASAP.


ana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the scooter-napping. Have you posted info about the bike to the int'l scooter BBS and all the other places where the scooter boys hang out and might keep an eye out for it? Call all the local motorcycle shops too.

(great illustration on your post though!)