Back on the Lap Blanket

So, this is the original that I screwed up somewhere along the way. I have since torn it out and restarted from the beginning since I couldn't find my mistake. It's been sitting in my to-do pile for months now, so I decided this is the one I will finish before starting any other little knitting projects. It's very simple too, so it should take no time to finish it up.

I started going to a Stitch n' Bitch a new friend has organized, Jen...some girls I already know and some new ones have been joining in. It's so nice to be able to hang out with people who don't have an agenda and just enjoy the evening knitting. They are really great too. I look forward to my Thursday nights at The Red Cup. I have to miss tonight though because I am going to the Ian Moore concert...whoo hoo. It's been a year I think since I have seen him last...If you do anything in life and can't see him live, buy Illuminaria, his latest CD. He is so amazing. We all love him by the way. Posted by Picasa


amylovie said...

Pretty! Is that the pattern from Weekend Knitting?


Esther said...

OH I LOVE THIS PATTERN!!! I have had it dog-eared for at least 6 months now as a "must-do" project but just haven't gotten around to getting the yarns...seeing yours has inspired me!! It looks beautiful!