Vintage Score

Mare and I spent an afternoon combing through Bohemian Spirits racks recently and this is what I cam home with. I got the little pink baby dress for my knitting friend, Amy, who is having a baby very soon. It has little lambs on the embroidery...perfect to accent the fact that we are knitters. The house dress is real cute on with a matching belt. It reminds me of my grandmother. She used to wear stuff like this all the time. The necklace is way cool, couldn't believe that I found that one. It was a very good day for shopping!!!

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Diane Von Furtenberg original...$20! It's a thin
cotton to wear over jeans...so soft and airy. Looks cute on!

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Self Portrait Tuesday 6

Me and the boy... taken waiting for a train while on the Eurovespa big ride in Austria last summer. whoo hoo....what an amazing day!

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All my loverly shoes..

...are all orgamanized now. I took a que from LJC and got busy a few weeks ago. I highly recommend. It is keeping me so together now. It turns out I have upwards towards 80 pair...yikes...who knew? I still have shoes strewn out every where, but at least they know their place. (Note: red hot 80's ankle boots at the bottom. I used to wear those like everyday. For sale soon.)
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Wardrobe Remix

JCrew cashmere cardi
vintage fabric flower pin - from girlfriend Janel
large black beaded necklace and bracelet
Chanel icon ring
purple cami
cropped black pants - Black Market/White House
B&W Button Heels - Payless, who knew?
1st Tattoo
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I didn't have the pleasure of watching Project Runway 1, since we are hillbillies and don't have cable or working toilets in the house (just kidding), but am loving Jay Carroll's new season...how gorgeous is this top! On my list! And, loving the hair too!
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Self Portrait Tuesday 5

New Shoes - New Tattoo... I heart these new shoes - from Payless no less. Can you believe how cute these are? It looks like I took a tumble and got all crippled from the fall. I'm a good actress.
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All done

Ta Da...here is the after of the living room. The orange is a tad brighter than I wanted, but I like the results anyway. The turquoise comes through from the media room and brings all the colors together. We are waiting for our cocktail table to come in and it will complete the room and I also want to hang some of JD's black and whites on the left wall. I love the space. It's all open now and we can have parties with plenty of room for people to sit and stand. It feels so good to have this project finished. Now what? The dining room and my studio!
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Living Room Before

These are the only photos I have of my living room, strange. This one is from Dawn's bridal shower. I'm hoping it will be more of a sitting room now - good for parties. The horendous tv is now in the media room being just as gigantic in there. I'm getting rid of that thing, awful. Next week, parts of this room will be orange and have different furniture in it. I can't wait. We are also finishing the guest bedroom. I had one wall left to paint and some touch ups to the ceiling, all from three years ago. I'm finally finishing my house. When this is all done, on to the dining room and my upstairs studio. I'm on a roll.
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Fire place mantle
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Media Room all done

I wish I had a before of this room, but there really wasn't much to it. I had a huge desk and a chair and the room was a grey-white...blah. Now it is my fabulous turquoise media room and I absolutely love it. I think I want to paint the book shelf black though and make it more of a show piece. We will eventually take it down, but it is there for now in it's ugly grey glory. I start on the living room this weekend...it's emptied out now. Whoo hoo...it's like a brand new house!

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House Work

Been doin' a little paintin' while the Mister is away...plus the boys are at Granma & Papa's house for the week..whoo hoo! I finished the media room this weekend. It is a deep turquoise...so love it..will have "after" photos once I pull tape and rearrange furniture. Then this coming weekend, I'm painting the living room a orange...can't wait. My awesome neighbors, Robert and John, are helping me tape and paint. Robert loves to paint, if you can even imagine that...crazy boy. I'll take the help though. How lucky am I? I already have an olive green in my bedroom, but want to use it in the hallway too at some point. It's going to be so great having my home happy!
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Self Portrait Tuesday 4

This was taken in my living room just after I got my henna put on by one of our Girlie Show artists, Jennifer. I absolutely love it...can't wait to do it again this fall.
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So, yes, I got meself a tattoo. JD and I have been thinking about this for some time now and we finally were ready to go in. Weston at Atomic Lotus in Oklahoma City took care of us and was great! JD went first and did pretty well for a guy who doesn't do good with blood/pain. His turned out really cool, but is taking me some time to get used to, as it is pretty big. I like it a lot though...it's a great graphic...very clean. I got a hot pink star on my foot. I am getting used to it too, but am really liking the look. I chose the star for The Girlie Show significance. Here is a little photo documentary of the process and pain.

The outlining process. Weston has a foot fetish by the way, so he loved this.
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Pure bliss!!! You would not believe how much this hurt!
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Loving it!
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Marilyn, my hand-holder...JD was too busy taking the photos.
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J.D.'s results (with Weston)
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and, he's off...

My baby is off today to Portland. He is starting a cross-country scooter race this Sunday, the Cannonball Run. He is primed to take 1st place. Send him good wishes everyone. You can check out his daily blog ramblings and adventures on audio from his
Central Speedworks website. Kick some butt Baby!
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Self Portrait Tuesday 3

Hair Documentary June 2006...I've been trying to photograph my hair do's when I just get them done so I can go back and show my girl Sara (Lily's momma) what I like best. This is completely grown out now, but I'm gonna wait another month still to get it redone...trying to figure out what to do next. I'm bored again with it. Eek.
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Baby Lily's First Tattoo...

...Sweater. I am so close to finishing this dang Stitch n' Bitch Nation baby sweater. This pattern is from hell by the way. I hate it. Thank goodness for my girl Amy who was working on hers for her baby girl at the same time...we worked through this mess together. I am on the seaming and that should be no problem...then I'll add the song birds and collar and be done with it. This is my first baby sweater...it's turning out darling. Lily's momma has song bird tattoos, so she will be all dolled up too. Lily is due October 20...my wedding anniversary.
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