My Boy's Birthday

In honor of my husband's non-40th birthday today...as it is his 41st...I dedicate today's blog post. Happy Birthday Baby! This photo is from his big bash last year! Posted by Picasa


Loving This!

Oh my gosh...how cute would this be to stash knitting projects in!...of course we wouldn't want to kick the magazines out...they can share with the yarn! I love the red polka dot one. And, they are cheap! Rock on! Posted by Picasa


Loving This!

Posted by Picasa Mary-Louise Parker in Chaiken at
the Golden Globes. She has always
been one of my favorites.
Maybe she reminds me of me a
little. Cute simple dress.

Posted by Picasa Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy.
in Valentino at the Golden Globes.
I like this dress I think for the
vintageness of it...the fact that it's
not all skin tight. Plus, she's a pretty
gal. May be a little frumpy for her
body type...but I would wear it!

Posted by Picasa Never really been a favorite...but for
some reason, Kyra Sedgewick is just
smokin' beautiful recently...I think it's
the rail thinness. Keven is always a doll.
I love her dress too...Bottega Veneta...
great brown and the little belts...too cute!

Posted by Picasa Another Kyra/Kevin outting,
pre Golden Globes.
See what I mean by skinny...
but how cute is she and classic

Posted by Picasa Not a fan of Michelle Williams either,
but I am of jewel tones...this rich
purple Givenchy number is gorgeous...
so pretty for the new momma. Weird that
she ended up with Heath Ledger.


This is when I want to actually live in NYC

I'm so jealous of anyone living in NYC right now...they have the fabulous chance to go see this exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt through early March. Fashion in Colors reviews like the past 300 years in fashion. I think I would actually kill over if I did get to see this show. I did get to see the Jackie O exhibit though, what 4 or 5 years ago at the MET? Amazing...Amazing. I'm sure this one would knock my little socks off...oh, well...at least there's the catalouge. Boo Hoo!

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A little bit of the ol' NYE

Tootin' my own horn...tee hee.

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A bit of the Clicq! Yums!

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The insides of dessert...this was so
freakin' amazing...the end of a four-
course meal at Deep Fork Grill!

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With Ben and Beck at Midnight...
whoo hoo...2006...we love ya!

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The handsome couple at The House of Vegas
Warehouse party...winding up the night.

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All done...time for bed!

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Cara's Beaded Bouquet

It's finally finished and now I can work on other projects...this deadline is done and I'm so very pleased with it! Whoo hoo!

So, my girlfriend commissioned me to make her a beaded flower bouquet for her wedding tomorrow. I had a month to pull it off and that's all I worked on during that time, no running around, no doing dishes, nothing was more a priority than this project. It turned out smashing. There were 4 leaves (various sizes), 4 red tulips, 2 closely colored fushia lily's and 1 hydrangea. I threw in the butterfly that I had made for my wedding for an extra special friendship touch for her. Not in this photo, but I wrapped the stems in a red velvet with pearl tipped stick pins to close it up...so pretty. She was blown away and it was exactly what she had envisioned...thank goodness...that's always the worry for me, that it won't turn out as they expected and they won't like it. Besides pricing, that is the next hardest thing for me as an artist to deal with.

So, now on to working on the house and hanging out with husband and friends and finishing lap blanket and starting fingerless gloves. Went to Stitch n' Bitch last night...only Jen and I...oh well...if you build it they will...eventually. We have a good time anyway...got just a hair more done on the ol' lap blanket. It's turning out great.

It was a success, now I have two wedding bouquets under my belt Posted by Picasa

Me with the bride to be and her new bouquet at her bridal shower. Posted by Picasa

Cara's mom is walking her down the aisle and she wanted her to have something special too. I made her a complimentary piece to the bouquet...a red lily to wear on her lapel. Posted by Picasa