Our Sweet Girl

Lulu crying, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Here she is...little miss Lulu. I love this shot of her crying. She was born Sunday, April 29 and is 8lb 8 oz.. She's just precious. Mama is doing great too!

Girlies + 1, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

All the Girlies together...and of course Lulu is wearing pink!


There will be a new Girlie born today

Mamas, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I am so freakin' nervous right now. Dawny is in the hospital as we speak in labor getting ready to have Lulu. I am nervous for her and nervous for me with all the reality and fear of doing this myself in 8 1/2 weeks.

I certainly can't wait to see our new baby girl. Dawn is an athlete if you can't tell by her tinyness...she was on the work-out cycle yesterday trying to get the girl moving. I can barely walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, but that's the difference in who we are I suppose. I not into fitness so much. I should be and I will be after the boy is born. I don't want to be chub...as I take another bite of donut.

We took this photo last week at a GS meeting...I figured it would be the last time the bellys would meet. Funny how low I am and how high she is with the girl. I think that old wives tale is true.

NOTE: Change of plans...Dawn just notified me that the hospital bumped her...they are going in tomorrow to induce...unless something else happens beforehand...drats.


Wardrobe Remix

Wardrobe Remix 042107, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Wardrobe Remix 042107

Do these stripes make me look fat? 9 weeks to go!

Urban Outfitters tee
Old Navy black knit skirt
Dr. Scholls flip flops
Accessories - black crystal bead bracelet from mom &
crazy pug boys

Wardrobe Remix 041907, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Wardrobe Remix 041907

Urban Outfitters "Rub My Tummy - Buddha" tee
Scarf from Alena Hennessy (www.alenahennessy.com) I love her prints.
Old Navy brown knit skirt (I have three and live in them)
Neon pink Chuck mules


Girls on Film!!!

Check it out my people!!! Our fabulous fete, The Girlie Show, is now on film! Get a taste of the art, the fun, the artists and all the glam. Critics are calling it the ultimate chick flick! Tee Hee! It's so exciting to be able to share the show with everyone...this is my baby girl...I hope you enjoy...I'm very proud, even if the editor spelled my name wrong...I'll live with it. Go watch!


Yes, I can knit and have babies

Beret, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

So, I finished this chunky little beret. It turned out pretty cute. I still need to block it though to give it more of that official beret shape. I suppose since it is practically summer, that I'll slip in on in the fall some time.

I used two and a bit of a third skein of Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset. The yarn is very hearty. I like the look of it. The pattern was adapted from the Purl Beret on www.thegarterbelt.com.

Beret Back, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

the top side

Belly 041107

Belly 041107, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

We are in week 30...quite a bit bigger from a month ago...went to Birthing Class last night and thougth I was going to have an anxiety attack...discussion included: c-section, delivery, episiotomy...don't need to say much more than that. 10 weeks away from having a little precious boy in our lives...I can't even believe this is my life. At least I'm not gorging myself on donuts anymore...that lasted two weeks too long. Now, I'm into pretty much bland foods. I've had a bit of the lovely heartburn experiences...which is awful, so I'm taking it easy on the input.


Craft Congress is now in session

pitts, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Marilyn and I went to the first ever Craft Congress (representing The Girlie Show) held in Pittsburgh two weekends ago. This is a view of downtown Pitts and the rivers/bridges from our hosts office (Ms. Al Hoff).

The Craft Congress is a group that was formed online just last year for "indie craft" event organizers/websites/magazines to network and get ideas about each others shows and share resources. The girls from Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh started it and set up the meeting. We had such an amazing time. There were about 50 reps there from many different events around the country and Canada and England. It was so awesome. We met the greatest people and made friends and contacts for the show. It was interesting because every single event, even though with a similar mission, is so different. I base it a lot on the resoursces of the individuals, their community support and region they are located for what makes each of us so different and successful in our own ways. There are so many fabulous events out there. What a truely great experience for us to attend the Congress.

guest haus, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Our hosts, Pat and Al and Kathy from Brooklyn. We're just chillin' in their camper...don't ask why. That's just how we roll.

shoes, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Wall o' Shoes...pure love! The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh was so way cool. The whole wall in this gallery was of shoes with diamond dust in the paint.

silly jenny, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Matt from Etsy and Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching at Friday's dinner.

CC Discussion2, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

The Craft Congress in session.

Micaela and Mare, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Micaela and Mare at Saturday's reception at Air, a wicked screen-printing studio. I'll have to take a shot of the print I made...so cool. Micaela is working on the Indie Craft Documentary with Fayth Lavine. She's the camera-woman...great girl!


My Sweet Pumpkin

Smile, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Can you even believe this? This is my boy! He is 2.5 lbs and doing great. We got our second ultrasound done this week and were totally shocked when they pulled up a few 3D photos of him. He is totally smiling here. He was moving his mouth and I could feel him and watch him move at the same time. If this isn't reality, then I don't know what is...of course until he comes into the world in three months.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion I was bawling. I didn't even know what it was I was feeling until I thought about it that night...I think it was just basically pure love for the little boy! He is already so amazing I can hardly stand it. And, of course he is moving around like crazy now. He can't wait to see me!

A future Yogi, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

A future Yogi - check out the leg over the head action. He was totally moving his little foot around...too cool!



Krystle, Mare, Erin and Dawn, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Yes, I'm just now getting around to posting photos of The Girlie Show from last year...I'm lame so what...I'm also pregnant and can do whatever I want to...so there. You can see more photos from the event on my Flickr.

It was a tremendous show and we are so proud of it. We had some totally amazing artists and crafts people this year...and from all over the country and Canada...way cool. We really enjoy producing the show and are going to be doing some fun things for the 2007 event. Right now, we are seeking applications for our new scholarship we are giving to a local college arts student. We will announce the winner in early May probably...then the show applications will start rolling in and will start the summer off for us. Whoo hoo! Go Girlie Show!!!!

Brooke Timm and Rosario Flores with Lady Rocket from Chicago

Saturday morning, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Saturday morning

Tornado Alley Rollergirls, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Tornado Alley Rollergirls

Ryan getting Woman-handled, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Ryan getting Woman-handled