There will be a new Girlie born today

Mamas, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I am so freakin' nervous right now. Dawny is in the hospital as we speak in labor getting ready to have Lulu. I am nervous for her and nervous for me with all the reality and fear of doing this myself in 8 1/2 weeks.

I certainly can't wait to see our new baby girl. Dawn is an athlete if you can't tell by her tinyness...she was on the work-out cycle yesterday trying to get the girl moving. I can barely walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, but that's the difference in who we are I suppose. I not into fitness so much. I should be and I will be after the boy is born. I don't want to be chub...as I take another bite of donut.

We took this photo last week at a GS meeting...I figured it would be the last time the bellys would meet. Funny how low I am and how high she is with the girl. I think that old wives tale is true.

NOTE: Change of plans...Dawn just notified me that the hospital bumped her...they are going in tomorrow to induce...unless something else happens beforehand...drats.


mommacurran said...

How exciting...it is so much fun to have a close friend to share this experience with. I am fairly athletic and I couldn't get up and down stairs, I got stuck on the floor countless times, and with Adam I "tipped over" three times the last month of my pregnancy. Boys, especially BIG Boys, do crazy things to your figure.....but, as I keep reminding myself...its all worth it. I can't wait to see picture of Lulu and I really can't wait to see Flynn.

meg said...

aww, great pic! i hope all goes well with the birthing. you two are adorable.

Ms. M said...

OMG... all the babies are coming now after the incubation and such... My cousin had her baby girl, Isabella Katherine on Thursday 04-26... now dawn on friday...holy cow! Melissa next then you, then Isabelle...lol we are going to be surrounded by lots of babies soon!
Dont worry - you will do just fine Im sure. You have a fabulous husband and family who will be right by your side through the whole thing if you wanted them to be. :)
You are much braver than I. :)