Taos Wool Festival

Taos Wool Festival 1008, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

We had a ball (or skein I should say) at the Taos Wool Festival during our family trip to Santa Fe. It just happened to be at the same time...just my luck. Thanks to Amy for pointing out the dates. I'm so glad we got to go...I owe JD for him tagging along.

Flynn enjoyed seeing the llamas, sheep and rabbits. I picked up a bit of yarn...didn't overdo it like I could have so easily done. I got some wool for a special project, some that was just plain gorgeous (see in Flynn's grubby little hands..I'm sure they were filthy by that point) and some peaches and cream color that was to die for.

I swear, if you are even thinking about spinning...don't go to a wool festival. It will make you want to pick that up as a project too, cause the have workshops and wool galore to purchase. That's the next thing I want to learn to do...someday...someday. I certainly don't need one more thing to take-up in my life. It was really inspirational being there and getting to be around so many other textile people. I loved it!

The Ravelry crew had a booth at Taos Wool Festival. It was cool to meet the owners...sorry no photo...didn't want to be a total geek. I picked up a couple of buttons from them.

Taos Wool Festival - a shot of some of the vendors. There were probably 75 or so of them...all full of yarn. It was awesome!

It's all about the wool my friends. Here'a a little Before and After action...they did a demo of sheep shearing at the Taos Wool Festival. That was fun to watch.


Bye Bye Little Puggies

They're off to Grandma's house...cause we've got plans.
HINT: Taos Wool Festival...yippie!

The Anywhere Clip

In keeping with my handmade gifts plan, I made Marilyn a beaded flower "anywhere" clip for her 40th birthday. I also wanted to make the 40th gifts a little more special. Dawn got a scarf/fingerless glove combo I had made a while ago for her 40th this year.

You can clip this in your hair or on a jacket or anywhere!!! I had promised Mare a few years ago that someday I would bead her something because she had given me this huge stash of seed beads and wire when she was purging her craft room. So, I came through. I like how it turned out. I usually attach my flowers to a pin back, but this was a lot easier and small enough. I like the option to put it in your hair. I need to make more for myself now.

PS: Please overlook my big giant ear!

Great State Fair of Oklahoma

We took Flynn to his first state fair. I was just dying to go. For some reason I feel as a mother I connect to that stuff a lot more now...the down-home kind of feeling.

He loved the petting zoo. It was adorable watching pet the goats. He also saw the livestock barns with the cows, lambs, piggies and some Clydesdale horses. Those were pretty amazing.

We also saw a sea lion show which was a little different for a fair, but cool. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when the sea lion danced to the macarana. Geez. You know we'll be going to Sea World someday. But, I actually look forward to it cause I didn't get to go there when I was a kid. Now I get to take Flynn to see all the things I want to see. Yippie!