Now, I know you are all soooooooo creative...Please help me come up with a cutesy name for my pink scooter girl -P200 Vespa. She needs some love...Post ideas to the comments. Grazie!


And she is gorgeous! Yippie...I absolutely love it...the fushia pink is right on too!!!

And guess what...we won the People's Choice Award at the United Texas River Rally in New Branfels this weekend. I only had her for 1/2 a day and she's winning awards...love it! I can't wait to ride her. I have some practicing to do on a beater bike first, then I will trust myself not to tip her over.

So, 9 of us Sputniks went down to the United Texas River Rally this weekend (where obviously I intersected my new old Vespa) Rock on...now I'm official...she's all mine too. I don't think JD will be driving her since she's a little prissy. We had a long-ass drive, but had a great time. We saw all our friends from Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Kansas. They put on a great time. We won some awesome raffle prizes (for a change) and had BBQ 3 times, but it was oh so good. Thank goodness we had the hotel this time (minus the mouse guest)...cause it was way too hot...got a bit of sun. It was our second year to go and we'll go back for more next year.

pretty girl....her left profile. Dawn from San Antonio calls her the little pussycat - bunny bike.

Me and Toni...great sunset I just luckily caught taking this pic

The Ladies of Sputnik...all sweaty (I mean glowing) after a
long ride in the Texas 100 degree heat.

day ride to the lake dam and along the river to Blanco, Texas

JD and his awards...he and Tovas took the award in the first ever (JD's idea of course) scooter jousting competition and he won the Gymkanna (obstacle course)...as you can tell he is joyous.

Me and Pinkie's Peoples Choice Award...this is Gary from Austin...he put my bike together and took good care of her. He is a great mechanic.


Well, Happy Birthday to Me

I had a great birthday yesterday...guess how old I am? Not telling. We went to Pearl's, they have the absolutely best Perfect Magaritas...I always get tipsy on them without fail and was ready to do that last night too. These are my girls and some guys thrown in. It was a lot of fun...I love partys where I get fun presents. J.D. got me an ipod charger for the plane ride and a European Atlas...so I can navigate him through Austria/Italy...how funny...love it. Oh, and of course a new scooter..how could I forget.

my boy threw me a party

Kimmy - Andy - Mare

Me - Sara - Toni - Erin O. (she totally reminds me so much of Amy at Good to Be Girl Blog)

New Do...New Capelet

Showing them off in one night...how cute am I. This capelet turned out to be so pretty. I am way pleased with it...I didn't think I would like it at all, but once I steamed it up, it blossomed. And I am loving my new little hair cut too. Sara didn't want to do it so short, but I talked her into it and told her she could do whatever she wanted to it after summer. It is so easy to fix and will be great for our trip. This was actually taken the night of Sara's 30th birthday bash...her birthday is today - mine yesterday (see next post).

J.D. took pics of Sara for a Bodacious Magazine competition...go vote for her (Contestant #3) to be featured in the magazine...she's so pretty and outragious and yes she's in her underwear (beware).


Random Pug Cuteness

...perfect since my boy's name (Ape) means Bee in Italian.

Here's the real one.


Yippie. I'm finally getting off my butt and doing something with myself. Now that I have short hair and my hair grows crazy fast and I hate paying for million dollar haircuts once a month, I totally let at least 3 months go by, which is way too long. My bangs were almost a foot long and doesn't really look good like that. So, my girl Sara is giving me a cut and color this afternoon. I decided to go even shorter...I hope I like it. I know I will like not having to fix my hair and not being all hot in the summer. At least I will look cute for our Euro Vaca. I even thought since I was in the "taking care of myself" mood, I might even do a little waxing this weekend...it is bikini season coming up afterall...gotta look good for the boy.

My goal for the weekend is to finish my capelet...almost there...work on some baby gifts and start laying out my stuff for the trip...I hate it when I forget stuff...have my list made out already. Did I mention my awesome pink suitcase...got it in the mail...awesome. I'm gonna look hot going through the airport for sure. Rock on.


Loves me some boleros

Love this little ditty that Lauren Bush is wearing...I just love those bolero coverups...and the sequins on this is darling. I want one.

I have been out sick the past couple of days...I think it's all mental and that I just don't want to go to work when I get like this...gotta do what I gotta do I guess.

I'm in on the Pinku secret partner swap thingy again...what fun. So, I need to get on the ball and get some pink hair thingys out in the mail.

I'm kinda dieting right now and with cutting out the snacks and eating salads and so forth, I am absolutely starving. This is totally for the birds, but I want to fit into some of my size 6 stuff and am lurking out of my size 8's...yikes...that cannot happen. What to do. At least I'm not having desserts, that helps a little.


Does everything have to be PINK? Uh, yes!

So I hear my hot pink scooter is ready to go in two weeks…we will be in Austin for the River Rally then and can pick it up while we are there…yikes…I’m nervous to see it…I expect near perfectness...and knowing me, it will not be to my standards...crossing my fingers...but can't wait to see it.

Am almost done with my pretty little capelet. Got a ton done to it yesterday at the ballpark. My firm (I work for an architectural firm) designed the Southwestern Bell Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City, our offices are conveniently across the street, we have season tickets and once a year the whole firm of 40 goes to a game…of course this year it was full of screaming school children, was 55 degrees and raining…yeh…so I came prepared with a blanket and my knitting gear. I will have it finished to take on our trip…oh, my goodness I haven’t mentioned our trip…how could I forget to tell…will have more details below.

So, the pattern calls for a damn crochet edging…which I’m foregoing 1) because it will take some effort to familiarize myself with the art of crocheting and 2) since there will be effort envolved…I’m too lazy to do it. It will look fine without/ could always add at a later date…I just want to wear the thang.

Which brings me to remember I haven’t blocked and finished my peachy poncho. Hmmm, where did I put that? I need to get that ready for the trip as well.

So, guess where we are going, if you haven't already looked ahead, duh!

We are going to be American delegates at EuroVespa…the European Vespa Rally…


How awesome is that! We are considered delegates (how fancy) because J.D. is President of the Vespa Club of America. And, yes, my helmut is going to take over a third of my clothing space in my new pink suitcase…thank you very much...

…am smitten with that by the way plus got it on sale plus my mom bought it for me for my birthday on the 18th…so free to me all the way around. The rally is in some tiny lake resort town in southern Austria / Italy border. I did a semester abroad in Vienna, but never made it to this area…love Austria…gorgeous. And, can’t wait to go back to Italy….only a month away. Yippie!


Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Make a Wish...What a fun party it was. All our friends came over with their dogs. We had cake and hotdogs and played games. The dogs that did the most tricks won prizes. Then we opened presents and layed down for our naps. Everyone took home goody bags full of treats and toys. Yeah! Can't wait 'til next year!

And the cake is gone.

The big gang - Ape had 9 puppy friends at his party.

deShan and Kitty #2 (Kitty #1 - Henri's little girl - is in the background sneaking some more cake.)

Ape's girlfriend Betsy (with Daddy Ben)... Isn't she sexy?!!!

I'm a pooped little pootie! But, look at all my presents!