And she is gorgeous! Yippie...I absolutely love it...the fushia pink is right on too!!!

And guess what...we won the People's Choice Award at the United Texas River Rally in New Branfels this weekend. I only had her for 1/2 a day and she's winning awards...love it! I can't wait to ride her. I have some practicing to do on a beater bike first, then I will trust myself not to tip her over.

So, 9 of us Sputniks went down to the United Texas River Rally this weekend (where obviously I intersected my new old Vespa) Rock on...now I'm official...she's all mine too. I don't think JD will be driving her since she's a little prissy. We had a long-ass drive, but had a great time. We saw all our friends from Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Kansas. They put on a great time. We won some awesome raffle prizes (for a change) and had BBQ 3 times, but it was oh so good. Thank goodness we had the hotel this time (minus the mouse guest)...cause it was way too hot...got a bit of sun. It was our second year to go and we'll go back for more next year.

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