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So, this project is finally out of my hands. I was originally knitting it with a black trim...long story short...this is what Lily got! Her momma loved it and that's all that matters (besides it fitting, of course)! This was kind a the project from hell for some reason. 1st of all, the pattern sucked, and second of all the pattern sucked. This is a really cute sweater (from Stitch n' Bitch Nation), but don't know if I will ever try it agan. The pattern was way off in my opinion...or is it just me? Hmmm. A very gigantic special thank you to Amy for all her wonderful help! You are terrific chica! You saved me, for sure!



Hel Looks Mosaic

These girls are so freakin' cute, I can hardly stand it! www.hel-looks.com has some new shots up of some fabulous street fashion in Helsinki. Of course, there are some weird-o's too, but these are a few of my faves. too cute and very inspiring!



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This is the weirdest thing ever...
I had found these adorable little scooter jackets and of course had to have one...no doubt, right? The only ones I found were green or red. Daddy really didn't want me spending any money on this stuff, but mentioned he would prefer black...me too. So, I did some google searching and low and behold...a black baby scooter jacket. Well, each color has a different patch sewn on the front....guess what the patch said on the black jacket? FLYNN! Hello! Thats' freakish! So, I showed Daddy and he says, "Okay, I guess we HAVE to have it then...go ahead and buy it." Whoo hoo! And, it was half off...thank goodness, cause it was $60 full price. Is that not the cutest thing you ever did see? I'm so pumped. He's going to be a doll in his little Flynn Scooter Jacket! Rock on Flynn! He'll look just like his daddy!

The Flynn Scooter Jacket, originally uploaded by Knitterista.



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I suppose we will actually be needing this.

My friend Melissa surprised me with this today. She was giving me a list of all the things I'll need for the baby and "butt paste" was on the list. She said people swear by this stuff. I thought she was kidding. I didn't think there was actually a product out there with the name of "Butt Paste", so of course she had to get me some. It totally cracks me up. Oh the life of a mommy and all I have know clue about...yikes!



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Gwen Stefani is way freakin' cool...I hope I have my act together enough to do something awesome with my hair and to actually get clothes on to leave the house...love it. And, Kingston is so precious in his little hats.

Roller Derbytaunt Brawl

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We went to the Tornado Alley Roller Girls first brawl recently. It was packed out. There were 6 teams I believe and we have friends on every team. It was way too much fun. I loved it...kinda like how I like hockey...for the blood of the sport. One of the girls even broke an arm...crazy. There was even a fist fight...at first I thought is was staged, but nope, just some wild girls. I can't wait til the next one...good people watching too.



Itty just busted a move on something in my belly. Maybe he's break dancin'. He's potato size right now...about 5-6 inches long and is moving around doing something crazy. It's the strangest feeling and a little uncomfortable at times cause it feels like gas. I have to remind myself it's Flynn in there growing. My stomach had been so sore this past week - growing and stretching and then with his little swirly burly business, I've felt a little nausious actually. Things are better now. I'm sure he will be so much fun when he keeps me up at night with karate chops. His daddy did tai kwondo or something in highschool and is very flexible with the kicks, etc., so I'm sure he will be just like him. I need to measure my girth...getting pretty round.

I've been totally addicted to oranges and nectarines lately. I've drank and eaten oranges from the beginning, but recently found the ol' nectarines and love them...so juicy right now. I also crave protein...hamburgers, peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, steak. And, I eat a pickle every day...guess that's a typical move. I love pickled okra too....mmmm. I'm not really into vegetables, so I have to cram those down. Flynn loves Mexican food and he always wants a chocolate chip malt but Daddy won't get him many of those....meanie. Maybe I'll grab some ice cream tonight at the store.

Things are going pretty good though and I'm so excited for this little boy to be in our lives...sweetness!


A Very Baby Christmas

A Very Baby Christmas, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

My family had a late Christmas get together this January since we went to Santa Fe for the holidays. Instead of buying each other gifts, Mom wanted everyone to buy stuff for the baby. Since at the time we didn't know what we were having we had to get kind of non-gender items. We got some cool stuff though. And it was fun opening precious baby things.

My sister got us a cool book with John Deer tractors that actually is called "Welcome to the Merryweather Farm". They spelled it with a "i" instead of "y" so she went through and changed it throughout the book...too cute. And, there is a thang in my family about tractors because dad was raised on a farm and collects tractor junk now. He loves tractors.

I got the baby a Very Hungry Catepillar book and matching stuffed toy plus some Burt's Bees baby stuff. Mom got us a ton of cute things from bath toys to towels and receiving blankets and some little onesies and medical kit. One of her girlfriend's made a soft quilt that is way cute, plus gave us an ornament. Flynn is set already. I don't know what I'm going to do with all of these things. I really need to start organizing his room so we will have somewhere to put his toys, books and clothes. Lots to do. Lots to do.


Why yes I'm pregnant...

stick positive, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

thank you for noticing!

So, this is what else has been going on with me the past 4 months. That little stick said I was pregnant (and so did the second one) and it was right. We have been planning on having a baby and it only took 2 months to happen...what a shock to us!

It's been so hard keeping it secret, but we want to make sure everything was cool with Bitty Baby before spreading the news to the world.

We had our ultrasound too and have found out already that we are having a little boy!!!

His name is Flynn West.

I can't tell you how freaked out, exited, scared and amazed we are by this whole thing. This is going to be an amazing life. We are due June 23 now (originally July 17) and the ultrasound doctor moved us up and saved me a whole month of extra anticipation. Yippie for our baby!!!

Flynn - profile, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This is a profile of Itty Bitty! Amazing! And, he's healthy. We saw his heart beating. He was all movin' around and waving his arms and moving his head back and forth. I can't feel anything yet though. He's like the size of a lime here. His head was 1 inch wide when this was taken. He should be much larger now. I can feel my belly stretching, so he's doing something in there.

Flynn - boy parts, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Well, hello there little boy!!! Of course JD was just thrilled. I thought for sure we would have a girl. See, there's this "curse" on our block....but of course not really a curse because I'm thrilled we are having a boy... There have already been 8 boys born on our block in 4 years and only 1 girl. I just knew we would be the ones to break it. But, on the other hand Flynn will have so many boy friends his age to play and grow up with. It will be awesome. And, my neighbors are wonderful and already have a little mommy group and want to help with with whatever they can. I love my friends!

Big o' Belly, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This is my big o' belly...I'm a little over 4 months pregnant and a little bloaty too...I should be 16 weeks and 5 days. It's a little confusing to me right now though because when we went for our ultrasound we thought we were 12 weeks 4 days. They told us, nope, you are way more pregnant than that and they added on 3 more weeks and 5 days...because yes, they could tell we were having a wee little boy and they could see more of other organs developed too!!! This whole thing is just craziness. I still can't believe I, yes I, am pregnant. This must be someone else's life. Wow!


New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve Collage, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

I'm a little behind on the activities in my life. I guess I'll catch you up now.

New Year's Eve was a lot of fun. We went out with three other couples (Chad/Sue, Thovas/Tina from San Antonio and Becky and Ben). We ate dinner at Mickey Mantles in Bricktown. It was very nice. I had never been there and it's just around the corner from where I work. We had a lovely four-course meal and then went to Cafe Nova for the last hour of the year to toot horns and be exited about 2007. I was worn out. It will be an amazing year for JD and I. I can't wait!


Christmas Q&A

Okay, I was tagged to do this Q&A and just realized it, so this is a little late. I hope all had a fabulous holiday. We went to Santa Fe with the dogs to the in-laws. It was nice...got some good shopping and napping done. Enjoy the new year! Cheers!!!...

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Santa brings the presents already wrapped, but he doesn’t do the wrapping...the Mrs. Does.

Colored lights on tree/house or white?
I usually do the colored blinky lights on the tree, but I like houses that have blue lights.

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
Probably broccoli and rice casserole with corn and sweet potato casserole all together.

Favorite Holiday memory as a child:
Going to my Granny’s house and sleeping on her big sectional couch in my Garfield sleeping bag so I can beat my cousins to the gifts first thing Christmas morning.

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
We have always opened family gifts on the Eve and Santa gifts on Christmas morn. We still open stockings on Christmas morning too.

How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?
My mom always had a 4 ft tree on top of the table, so that’s what I have always bought. I have a green one, but this year finally found a silver one like Granny’s, so I put that one up this time.

Snow! Love it or Dread it?
I don’t care for anything related to being cold.

What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?
pumpkin pie and my sister’s sugar cookies

What is your favorite Christmas Song?
That one punker Christmas song that MTV used to play with the girl band…I can’t think of the name of the band.

Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?

Favorite Christmas Tradition growing up:
Getting a jillion presents to open.

Least Favorite Christmas Tradition Growing Up:
driving two hours to get to my grandparents….it took forever to get to my gift destination.

Breakfast or Presents First?
Presents but with a sugar cookie in hand (easy to travel with)