Big o' Belly, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This is my big o' belly...I'm a little over 4 months pregnant and a little bloaty too...I should be 16 weeks and 5 days. It's a little confusing to me right now though because when we went for our ultrasound we thought we were 12 weeks 4 days. They told us, nope, you are way more pregnant than that and they added on 3 more weeks and 5 days...because yes, they could tell we were having a wee little boy and they could see more of other organs developed too!!! This whole thing is just craziness. I still can't believe I, yes I, am pregnant. This must be someone else's life. Wow!


Jennifer said...

oh my goodness - congrats!!!!!! i'm sure the boys are so excited to have a new brother on the way : )
love the name, too...soooo cute!

Laura said...

Congrats, Erin! Flynn West is a great name!

Amy said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you and your family! It's going to be an adventure, but a good one! You and JD are going to be such great parents.