Why yes I'm pregnant...

stick positive, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

thank you for noticing!

So, this is what else has been going on with me the past 4 months. That little stick said I was pregnant (and so did the second one) and it was right. We have been planning on having a baby and it only took 2 months to happen...what a shock to us!

It's been so hard keeping it secret, but we want to make sure everything was cool with Bitty Baby before spreading the news to the world.

We had our ultrasound too and have found out already that we are having a little boy!!!

His name is Flynn West.

I can't tell you how freaked out, exited, scared and amazed we are by this whole thing. This is going to be an amazing life. We are due June 23 now (originally July 17) and the ultrasound doctor moved us up and saved me a whole month of extra anticipation. Yippie for our baby!!!


amy said...

happy baby boy! what exciting news. you are looking great!

amylovie said...

What wonderful news! Congratuations to you and your hubby.


Cathi said...

Congratulations!!!! What wonderful news!