Just like Daddy, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

This is the weirdest thing ever...
I had found these adorable little scooter jackets and of course had to have one...no doubt, right? The only ones I found were green or red. Daddy really didn't want me spending any money on this stuff, but mentioned he would prefer black...me too. So, I did some google searching and low and behold...a black baby scooter jacket. Well, each color has a different patch sewn on the front....guess what the patch said on the black jacket? FLYNN! Hello! Thats' freakish! So, I showed Daddy and he says, "Okay, I guess we HAVE to have it then...go ahead and buy it." Whoo hoo! And, it was half off...thank goodness, cause it was $60 full price. Is that not the cutest thing you ever did see? I'm so pumped. He's going to be a doll in his little Flynn Scooter Jacket! Rock on Flynn! He'll look just like his daddy!

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Ms. M said...

Ok, that is the cutest jacket ever!!! I love it!!! :)