Flynn - boy parts, originally uploaded by Knitterista.

Well, hello there little boy!!! Of course JD was just thrilled. I thought for sure we would have a girl. See, there's this "curse" on our block....but of course not really a curse because I'm thrilled we are having a boy... There have already been 8 boys born on our block in 4 years and only 1 girl. I just knew we would be the ones to break it. But, on the other hand Flynn will have so many boy friends his age to play and grow up with. It will be awesome. And, my neighbors are wonderful and already have a little mommy group and want to help with with whatever they can. I love my friends!

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Ms. M said...

Hey! Fun post. Glad to see the picks. Anyway I consulted with my sister, and she said that "THAT" is possibly the placenta. Nice! hehe Anyway, have a fabulous weekend, stay inside, stay warm and watch those movies! :)