Poncho Smoncho

So, I'm working on this poncho, that I will hopefully keep for myself. It will be really pretty...a peachy varigated mohair. I was following a pattern to make two separate pieces then seam them together front/back...then I got a Suss Designs book that has and easier pattern - the two-way poncho. You knit the entire piece as long as can be, then you fold it in half and seam it. I'm going to do it that way... a little less work and more versatile in how you wear it.


Oh my goodness...how gorgeous is Audrey here. One of my favorite photos....just thought I would share. Posted by Hello

Bowling for a cute hat

Bowler Hat #1. This was my first attempt at an adult bowler...see baby hat from previous post. I was nervous it wouldn't fit when I felted it, but the measurements ended up matching when I shaped it. Thank goodness. I might try it with two skeins together next time to make it a little thinker. It will be a good one to throw on and wear everyday though. Don't ask me which book that one's from either. Posted by Hello


Brulee de la Creme - 40th Birthday Dinner

My husband turned 40 last week and I did some fun and special things for him so he would fee good about it and not down in the dumps. I made him pot roast with veggies and salad with scallops and Creme Brulee for dessert. Mind you, I DON'T cook. I don't know how and don't really care to and hate doing dishes. This was my first time to make any of this and he loved it all...said I hit a homerun. Anyway, I got the creme brulee kit for Christmas. It is my most favorite thing ever. It turned out to be very good...made vanilla with raspberries and it called for powdered sugar on that recipe instead of fine granulated sugar...thought that was weird. It tasted fine, but wasn't crunchy enough and we torched it a little (I gave him the honors, so will blame it on him for the burn)...won't use that next time. I was pretty proud of my efforts.

Random Pug Cuteness or Weirdness...you make the call

oh my...this is really kinda funny...and then kinda sad too. Yikes. My boy would never go for being hooked up to one of those baby backpacks. Would I even do that to a baby??? Posted by Hello


Elsa Schiaparelli - fabulous. I think this is my new theme photo...an Elsa Schiaparelli photoshoot with a gorgeous Italian model in one of Elsa's ensembles with a Vespa in the store window...perfect. This book, Shocking!, has been on my To Buy list forever. My coworker borrowed it from library and it made me want to buy it even more...a beautiful book with her fashion history...awesome...LOVE IT! And am also dying for a new pencil skirt...perfect! Posted by Hello


Oscar Who?

So, who's the weiner? Some friends who have a band, American Boyfriends, won some kind of contest to do a commercial for Oscar Meyer Weiners. So, they filmed a video and the WeinerMobile stopped by and gave rides to everyone. Even Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips was there with his wife. So, husband took some great shots and I got one of him with the giant snausage.Posted by Hello

Bye Daddy-o

My boy watching his daddy leavin' him...poor thang! He goes from door to windows to door again looking out to see where Daddy went. It's so funny and even worse when Grandma is over. He loves his grandma and boy does she love him too. They are crazy for each other and when she leaves him...he is not happy...he whines and cries...boo hoo. I crack up though cause it's so damn cute. My little Pooh. Posted by Hello

The Print is Mine

How unknowingly but creatively sneaky am I??? I sent my man the link of that pugtini print, you know just to show him how damn cute it is and he calls me immediately and says he got my email and the print is in the mail...he had to have it too. How hysterical is that...yippie...we'll get it soon...can't wait to see it and get it framed.


Felted Clutch Bag After

After felting, shaping and drying I hand stitched a black zipper. It turned out to be pretty cute. I forget which of my many pattern books I found this one in though. It might have been Hollywood Knits???? I know it is one that has celebrities modeling. It was pretty easy and got through it in a couple of evenings. I gave this to Suzanne with her bowler hat above that we did a trade on. She is a painter and I got some small paintings from her to give for Christmas gifts. She loved her hat and her little purse surprise too.Posted by Hello

Felted Clutch Bag Before

I used a Noro wool I believe in "Autumn" and knit in the round then seamed the bottom and stitched the corners so it would be a flat base. Posted by Hello



Love this! Two of my favorite things all mixed up together! The Pug Rescue of Sacramento is selling these lovely prints to raise money. Artist Christine Head designed them...Yo can buy one at... http://www.pugpros.org/news/pugtini.html. I might just have to get one for myself! Hmmm.Posted by Hello


A Little Late, but Happy Holidays

Pooh Bear was on our Christmas Card this year...how pathetically cute is this!?! And, what a struggle that photo shoot was too. Oh, my goodness. No, for those who know this little mess, that is not a photoshopped hat. That is the one photo where he was perfectly situated on the platform and the hat wasn't being eatten or shaken off. For those who don't know the personallity of the boy, he will not have it with anything on his head or body. This is not the dog for dressing up...other pugs will do it, but he hates it for sure. I won't give up trying though...cause he has a shrinner hat and beannie too that he WILL wear...if it's up to me. He does have the sweetest little face...he gets away with way too much. He's destined to win beauty contests! Tee Hee. Posted by Hello



No I don't need another purse...BUT how damn cute is this...Miso Pretty Scooter Girl...not on my list...just admiring, promise hunny. Posted by Hello


I'm Loosin' it!

Of course I say that at least 2 times a day...but how could I forget to mention there was an Andy Goldsworthy exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art...a tiny little "museum" it was...that was the only exhibit, but an awesome shop. One of my partner's Dawn...they were selling her tote bags there...too cool.

Any whoo...he is the most inspiring and amazing artist ever...I'm buying his documentary video, Rivers and Tides, to watch over and over and over. He just flips my lid. Check him out at http://www.smithsonianmag.si.edu/smithsonian/issues97/feb97/golds.html.

Posted by Hello


Found a great yarn store in Austin (Hill Country Weavers - http://www.hillcountryweavers.com)...bought way too much yarn, which I swore to myself I wouldn't buy anymore for a long while since I'm busting at the seams as it is... but I so couldn't help myself...they had an amazing selection. They had great mohair at $7.50 a skein. Where I buy locally at SWAK Knits (http://www.swakknit.com) it is like close to $10. Probably a different brand though. So, I stocked up on a few colors and also got some sport weight wool to knit/felt a scarf...trying some new techniques there. And got a Suss Design book, Hollywood Knits...love it and want to make every pattern in that one. I had also been wanting to try spinning at some point and this book, Spin It, was on my "to get" list, so I went ahead and got it, plus a little felting tool and several gorgeous colors of top.
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I'm knitting a mohair poncho right now, which is taking forever...not a lot of thought, just knitting knitting knitting very very very long rows. So, in this instance, there's not a "Just One More Row" comment coming from my mouth. I got a lot done on the plane though.

I got to stay with some scooter friends and they took me to a new sushi restaurant, Uchi, which was phenomenal...loved it. I bought a cute tshirt with the saying, Knitting Rocks, and some kick-ass hot pink sunglasses that I didn't need. It was a great time.


Off on a little trip

I'm off to Austin in the morn...early bird 7:00 flight, which means leave the house at 5:30. I'm actually looking forward to it, although I have to go to a lame marketing conference, but after that's all over...I'm staying an extra night with some friends (Betsy & Matt) that moved there from Tulsa and going to see another friend (Lester) play in his band, Future Ex-boyfriends. They are all scooter folk...an interesting little world in itself. And, then Betsy and I are going shopping a bit before I leave Sat. night.

I'm looking forward to it, because it gives me a chance to branch out by myself and be my own Julie McCoy. I have great fear of traveling by myself and of things going wrong...nightmareish stuff like missing the plane or getting lost somewhere and not knowing what hotel I'm staying at and crazy stuff like that. I'm a bit panicish when it comes to that, so usually I just stay at home or let my husband plan trips. It's just like when I went to lunch by myself recently...it's a test of my fears and of not knowing what to expect and what to do when you're not familiar with it. So, it will be good for me. I'll let you know next week for sure when I get back. ciao!


Ships Ahoy, Puggie! Love it! Posted by Hello


Some of My Famous Knitted Baby Hats

A wool hand knit/felted hat...a baby shower gift, which they loved! Posted by Hello

...another gorgeous view. Posted by Hello

Alex LOVES his new baby beret...it will be perfect with his Easter outfit. This was his baby shower gift. He lives across the street and plays with my puppy. They're buddies. Posted by Hello


Random Pug Cuteness

This is my favorite "Crazy things people do to their dogs" photos. I love the kimonos...adorable. Posted by Hello



One of my girlfriends gave me Lush bath bombs for Christmas that she brought back from London...so, I took me a little bath last night...yummy! Go buy some at http://www.lush.com/htm Posted by Hello


My new Allison Burns messenger bag...I've been looking for something like this for over a year now to be my standard scooter bag...something way too stylish, glam and over the top, but still classic and sleek with a pocket for my mini ipod (pink of course). It will look great with my fushia/black P200. I will get my bike in the spring...still being painted in San Antonio. I cannot wait. Posted by Hello


so love this...and what a doll...of course I will look as cute as she when I make and wear this tangerine lovely. I am going to make this and keep it for myself...if someone wants one, they will have to commission it...that's future talk by the way. On my project list now. And, it was a FREE pattern at http://www.magknits.com/chilly04/patterns/frida.htm Posted by Hello


Okay, new installment:

So, you all know how much I love my boy and pugs in general...well, I'm now doing a new weekly feature on way too cute or even freaky pug photos called...THIS IS NOT MY DOG - BUT HOW CUTE! or WEIRD THINGS PEOPLE DO TO THEIR PUGS! Posted by Hello



I just realized my hair cut in that previous photo makes me look way too much like the Molly Ringwald pic below! Maybe I meant to look Molly Ringwaldesqe in a mysterious way. I do love her though...oh, the 80's...my life.

Poor Baby Boy

My Pooh Bear makes me so sad...Ape had neuter surgery yesterday and I just bawled when I saw is poor scar...they had to go in search for the missing testicle and it was way up hiding by his kidney...so a bigger incision than we expected. He was up and licking and running today though like usual. Last night he would try so hard to stand up and be a part of the family, but he would just wobble and shake and then fall asleep again. He will be fine though. I can't wait til the scar heals up and hair grows back again so I don't have to look at his pain any more. Makes me feel like a bad Mommy. But, they can have problems in the long run if you don't take care of it plus he started humping my leg two days ago. So, all good in the long run. A pretty picture of my boy to commemorate His Joyfullness.

The Fam: Pootie doesn't like wearing his Defender Tee, but Mommy & Daddy think he is adorable and make him wear it anyway. He's our Rock Star. Look at him pouting...how pathetic! Posted by Hello


Beaded Wedding Bouquet - CHECK

Whew...finished in the nick of time. This is the beaded calla lilly bouquet I made for one of my girlfriend Julia's wedding this past New Year's Eve. It turned out to be beautiful and she was very happy with it. I was completely freaked out that I wasn't going to finish it in time and then it not look good on top of that. Somehow, God watches out for me and my procrastination and it works out in the end...a true miracle. Posted by Hello