Off on a little trip

I'm off to Austin in the morn...early bird 7:00 flight, which means leave the house at 5:30. I'm actually looking forward to it, although I have to go to a lame marketing conference, but after that's all over...I'm staying an extra night with some friends (Betsy & Matt) that moved there from Tulsa and going to see another friend (Lester) play in his band, Future Ex-boyfriends. They are all scooter folk...an interesting little world in itself. And, then Betsy and I are going shopping a bit before I leave Sat. night.

I'm looking forward to it, because it gives me a chance to branch out by myself and be my own Julie McCoy. I have great fear of traveling by myself and of things going wrong...nightmareish stuff like missing the plane or getting lost somewhere and not knowing what hotel I'm staying at and crazy stuff like that. I'm a bit panicish when it comes to that, so usually I just stay at home or let my husband plan trips. It's just like when I went to lunch by myself recently...it's a test of my fears and of not knowing what to expect and what to do when you're not familiar with it. So, it will be good for me. I'll let you know next week for sure when I get back. ciao!

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