A Little Late, but Happy Holidays

Pooh Bear was on our Christmas Card this year...how pathetically cute is this!?! And, what a struggle that photo shoot was too. Oh, my goodness. No, for those who know this little mess, that is not a photoshopped hat. That is the one photo where he was perfectly situated on the platform and the hat wasn't being eatten or shaken off. For those who don't know the personallity of the boy, he will not have it with anything on his head or body. This is not the dog for dressing up...other pugs will do it, but he hates it for sure. I won't give up trying though...cause he has a shrinner hat and beannie too that he WILL wear...if it's up to me. He does have the sweetest little face...he gets away with way too much. He's destined to win beauty contests! Tee Hee. Posted by Hello

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