Poor Baby Boy

My Pooh Bear makes me so sad...Ape had neuter surgery yesterday and I just bawled when I saw is poor scar...they had to go in search for the missing testicle and it was way up hiding by his kidney...so a bigger incision than we expected. He was up and licking and running today though like usual. Last night he would try so hard to stand up and be a part of the family, but he would just wobble and shake and then fall asleep again. He will be fine though. I can't wait til the scar heals up and hair grows back again so I don't have to look at his pain any more. Makes me feel like a bad Mommy. But, they can have problems in the long run if you don't take care of it plus he started humping my leg two days ago. So, all good in the long run. A pretty picture of my boy to commemorate His Joyfullness.

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