Been Sickly

What a cruddy weekend...planned on making all sorts of things for the show this weekend...Did I get anything done? No, why...I was sick sick sick...even went to the emergency room Sunday night. My husband was gone, boo hoo, so a sweet neighbor friend took me to the hospital and we were there until 3 in the morning. Just got back to work this afternoon and still don't feel too great. I wish I could have had more time to prepare for the show, but will have to do with what I have already to sell. I did put finishing touches on a scarf and hat last night while I was feeling descent. I took a pill they perscribed me at the hospital and it knocked me out until noon today. What a crazy feeling. Only take those for emergencies now. I pick my husband up tonight, yeah...so glad he's home.


Getting ready

I've totally been procrastinating...getting ready for this show in a couple of weeks...a couple of weeks??? Yikes! I can't believe it is all sneaky up so fast. I will have a booth at a little art show on Paseo, our "arts district" in the City. I just got some really pretty display pieces to go with what I already have. I think it will look really nice...nothing but.

I've decided to include some of my knitting in the show this time. I finished a beautiful aqua mohair poncho...have gotten so many complements...when that happens...that means it works. Yeah, because sometimes it just looks like a blob when I finish a piece...doesn't look like a real anything. I finished a hat and scarf too. I just need to finish a few more necklaces and earrings to top off my inventory and I will be ready to go. So, anything else I knit will just be gravy.


I'm here

This is my first post...welcome to blog nation! This is just a test for me right now to get some experience in web "stuff" as well as participate with all the knit bloggers. I found this whole world by accident and am facinated that people open up their world to anyone who wants to creep around. It's really pretty personal, and amazing at that.

I am in the process of working on a web-site for my jewelry business. My husband, photographer de fantastic (Check out www.merryweatherphoto.com . ) has partnered with some talented web/graphic designers as an ad agency (www.powerplantcreative.com). So, with my anxiousness for that to take place...I am here "little miss impatient" making a start on my own. Good luck to me!