Getting ready

I've totally been procrastinating...getting ready for this show in a couple of weeks...a couple of weeks??? Yikes! I can't believe it is all sneaky up so fast. I will have a booth at a little art show on Paseo, our "arts district" in the City. I just got some really pretty display pieces to go with what I already have. I think it will look really nice...nothing but.

I've decided to include some of my knitting in the show this time. I finished a beautiful aqua mohair poncho...have gotten so many complements...when that happens...that means it works. Yeah, because sometimes it just looks like a blob when I finish a piece...doesn't look like a real anything. I finished a hat and scarf too. I just need to finish a few more necklaces and earrings to top off my inventory and I will be ready to go. So, anything else I knit will just be gravy.

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