Me with my girlies. This was the most amazing night ever. We really are still in shock about the success. There were nearly 1,500 people there. They came early, stayed late and had a ball. It was standing room only most of the night and the artists rocked, several of them selling out...just amazing. It was the event of the year, says unknown source...and that's no lie. Check out our website for more info about the event www.thegirlieshow.net and to check out our sponsors and links to the artists.

The Farmer's Market was packed out. This shot is from the balcony where there was also food a bar and tons of people.

DJ Kelly Trance...www.iconoclastdjs.com. Kelly, Kylie and Dezire totally rocked as usual...set the tone for the party.

Cate Kelly's Fuglies - she sold out by the way...loverly creatures

Kelly Lester - fabulous up and coming painter

Me and Becky, my new best friend...so love her!

This is part of the line that wrapped around the building and down the street over an hour before opening and throughout the show...wow

Jules and Jillian on the Love Sacs with their boys

The Chefs from Trattoria Il Centro are workin it. Of course I didn't get to eat anything at all. We had 18 food sponsors and they were all spectacular.

My neighbors Amy and Erin working the ticket booth.

More artwork, Nicole Moan's ceramic corsets, on funky fabulous models

These girls got there early to get goodie bags...very smart of them...there was tons of cool stuff from our artists and sponsors packed in there...plus the darling handmade canvas tote! Rock on!


Gone for a while

This is perfect...a gnome knitting...now only if she was sitting on a scooter!

I haven't been around much and won't for the next week or so...The Girlie Show is sneaking up on me and is a week away from today, so lots of last minute finalizing to do, plus work. So, wish me luck and a smooth and successful show. I'm very excited about this year. It's going to be great. Talk with you after it's all over!