So not a fashion statement

but, at least it's pink!

I started a new job last Monday. As I was leaving the building at the end of my very first day, the heel of my gorgeous high-heeled black leather boots clipped a crack and I went flying. There was no stopping me. I basically landed on all fours, skinned my knees, sprained my right wrist and fractured my left, hence the lovely cast. This totally suckity suck suck sucks!!!!! In my whole 30-something years, I have never broken anything. This freakin' cast is so claustrophobic I could just scream! Argh!!!!!!

I have a couple of months at least with this thing. Insane!

So, there will be very slow progress on knitting if any at all. And, I was going to get back on my scooter this spring...not happening until this is off, especially since you shift with the left hand. Not a good kick-off to the warm weather ahead.

Otherwise, Sweetpea had a great 1st Easter!

NOTE: there is no product in his hair and it has not been styled in any manner. This ciaos is all natural..the craziest hair I have ever seen, so hysterical!


I'm spying on you little one

Somehow it's like he knows we are watching him. Our little racoon was up to no good one night. We were watching him on the tv monitor... a little spy cam we have hooked up on his bed so we don't have to wake him up with the creaking door every night. It's hysterical to watch him and sometimes he pops up and looks right at the camera. I just can't help but giggle...what a cutie pie.

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