So not a fashion statement

but, at least it's pink!

I started a new job last Monday. As I was leaving the building at the end of my very first day, the heel of my gorgeous high-heeled black leather boots clipped a crack and I went flying. There was no stopping me. I basically landed on all fours, skinned my knees, sprained my right wrist and fractured my left, hence the lovely cast. This totally suckity suck suck sucks!!!!! In my whole 30-something years, I have never broken anything. This freakin' cast is so claustrophobic I could just scream! Argh!!!!!!

I have a couple of months at least with this thing. Insane!

So, there will be very slow progress on knitting if any at all. And, I was going to get back on my scooter this spring...not happening until this is off, especially since you shift with the left hand. Not a good kick-off to the warm weather ahead.


mames said...

och, what a total suck, but i do like your choice of pink. and the last post with the hair photos made me laugh. one of our twin boys has wild hair, the other has none. i swear i comb it and it gets even wilder. not as wild as your little guys. hilarious.

Jennifer said...

boo - so sorry about the fall and the cast...i'm sure that totally sucks :(

meg said...

oh no!!! so sorry girlie. i hope it heals fast and you can get back to knitting.

you totally make that cast look hot.

Chandra said...

That really sucks! Knock on wood - I have not broken anything in my 30+ years. I love the pink, though!