Back on Track

I'm back among the living now pretty much...was sick with the flu all last week, then flew to Vegas for a long scooter rally weekend. When I got home, I was completely exhausted. Then, we had to go pick up The Boy from Grandma and Grandpa's. He loves them so much and vice versa. I think he would much rather live there sometimes. But, after napping all yesterday, he's back to his old ornry self. I love him so. Ape cuddled in my lap last night and slept. I call that, missing his momma. It's all a ruse though to pull me in to his spell.

I'll post pics of Vegas later.



One of my neighbors took this photo of our park where we live (Edgemere Park - the best place to live in Oklahoma City) and hand painted it. I designed our latest directory and used the image for the cover. I just love our little neighborhood.


Love Ya!

Happy Valentine's Day from Knitterista - Erin

Make one at http://www.acme.com/heartmaker/

Random Pug Cuteness!

Don't let the Bed Pugs Bite! Little Mutts! I wish I knew who the artist was of this...found it somewhere in cyberspace...love it!


Debbie Mazar - very interesting

For some reason she interests me...hmmm. She's really not a good actress, but I think I like her because she reminds me of a vintage Barbie doll....her voice and style are very vintage.


I just love this! Of course it is Fashion Week in NY and this is from designer Zang Toi...never heard of them, but this is gorgeous...love this era and the giant hair...makes me want my long hair back...maybe I'll start to grow it out now...hmmmm.

Student Mentoring

Carmen is the little girl that I tutored last year in reading...of course English is her second language, so it was a struggle for this little 3rd grader. She made quite an impression on me and I think I made a difference in her crazy life too. I have a new student this year, Starrla...mousy little petite thing...very cute and quite a funny little attitude but so small for her age...looks like a 5 yr old. The architecture firm I work for designed their school, so we decided to help them out...kind of an inner city location. There are about 3o of us who go every week and spend time with these kiddos. I saw Carmen yesterday...it had been almost a year since I had seen her. She came up and hugged me and we talked about her reading. She said she finished reading the book (Through the Looking Glass) I had given her as a gift to encourage her reading through the summer. She said she finished it and loved it and she was just beaming. It was a tough book for her, so that impressed me. She passed to the 4th grade and I think is doing very well...what a sweet little girl. If anyone is looking for a way to volunteer in your community, I would definately recommend mentoring in the schools. The kids need the attention and gives back to yourself in such interesting ways.


THE Poncho

I am so ready to get this thang finished. I have about 8 more inches to go before I seam it together...yippie. I'm so getting that feeling that "am I really going to wear this cause I'm sick of it already." We shall see.

As soon as I'm finished with this bitness, I'm starting on another sweater...an Adrienne Vitadinni pattern in a turquoise blue cotton. I think that's what it is...I bought the yarn so long ago I've forgotten what it is. This will only be my second sweater...the first was pretty much a beginner with a cable which was actually pretty difficult for a first timer. It turned out pretty, but the arm holes are way too small and not so much comfortable, but I got compliments the only time I wore it...see it's too easy to tire of things. I worked on it for so long I didn't care about it anymore.

The better I get, the quicker I will get and the more interested I will be in it.

We took Little Boy to the dog park Sat and he had a ball. He ended up sleeping the whole rest of the day and night...that's the way to tucker him out when he's driving us bonkers. I love him though. Otherwise I slept in way too much and that was about it. I made a little pillow for Ape and another little bed for the back room...was a little productive. Am so tired this week...need some energy.


I wanna knit a dress like this...I wanna have a figure like this so I can wear a dress like this that I knit for myself...wah! I think this is Betsey Johnsons spring 2005 collection...can't remember, but pretty sure. One day I will have a Missoni (My favorite label) knit dress...would die for one...top thing on my "If I were rich" wish list.


Random Pug Cuteness!

This is Totally Me! The pink shoes and the pug! Love it!



I finally got my Pinku Flower Swap secret item in the mail. I can't show a pic yet due to Priscilla not receiving her gift yet...she will love and of course it is in the pink color family. That was fun participating in that...can't wait til the next one.

Kat from Pinku (http://www.pinkurocks.com) sent me a quizzy to do: I love doing these thangs...here are the answers...

Grooming products -

  • Shampoo: I like to switch out product brands...I get bored. Go from Aveda and Bed Head to John Frieda
  • Moisturizer: l'occitane spf moisturizer
  • Perfume: Tocca Touch (a dry oil)
  • Razor: some brand my husband uses
  • Toothpaste:

Electronics -

  • Cell phone: just got a new Motorola flip phone w/ camera...fun
  • Stereo: who knows...an old 5 cd player
  • TV: a big giant Sanyo
  • Computer: used crappy imac
  • HomeSheets: goodness wouldn't I love to have some Egyptian cotton blah blah blah thread cound expensive sheets...that's my plan anyway. I have a hodge podge that don't match our black denim comforter. We have purple plaid flannels on right now.
  • Coffee Maker: have one each - a coffee and cappuchino maker - they love hanging out under the cabinet
  • Car: Ford Explorer
  • Stationary: loves me some notecards...I have tons of different pretty things...like to change it up.

Beverages -

  • Bottled water: filtered pitcher from the fridge or Ozarka at work
  • Coffee: I drink hot tea w/ cream/milk and sugar/honey - The Republic of Tea honeysuckle white tea or Earl Grey. If I do stop by a coffee shop - I get hot chai.
  • Vodka: Girlietini's or cosmos
  • Beer: never been a beer fan, but love Diesels (1/2 Coca Cola and 1/2 Heifevisen) I know I spelled that wrong.

Clothes -

  • Jeans: Levi's stretch and Express
  • T shirt: Banana Republic black stretch lycra crew-necks
  • Briefcase: silver metallic leather Allison Burns messenger (see old post)
  • Sneakers: black crackle leather Diesel's and black and neon-pink Chuck Taylor's
  • Watch: silver Kenneth Cole cuff

Favorite Places - parents home in Cushing, OK; anywhere in Italy; Orcas Island, WA; wherever I happen to be with my husband, especially at home with he and our pug boy.

Necessary Extravagance - yarn, shoes, scooters and scooter apparel, anything for my dog

The Crafts Report

Whoo Hoo...The Girlie Show is featured in the February issue of The Crafts Report...has the usual group photo with a nice little mention and listing of our show. Hopefully some regional kick-ass female artists will see it and want to join up. If anyone out there is or knows any girlie artists who would want to have a booth in our show...send them to http://www.thegirlieshow.net.

Random Pug Weirdness

Super Jessica...what a hoot. Check out www.superjessica.com - pretty funky gal and of course the pug takes center stage...love this photo!



We had a "little" party for JD for his birthday. We took the Ragin' Transit Party Bus with 40 of his friends to Eischen's, the oldest bar in Oklahoma, about an hour out of town in Okarche. It was so much fun. We had tubs of beer and everyone just crammed into the bus. He's blowing out his candles on his Ding Dong "cake" hear after we ate fried chicken and okra at the bar. The whole bus is decked out in neon and even has its own stripper poles...and yes they were used that night.


So, here is the poncho about half way through...it's looking pretty real. I think it will be long enough. I will add some stylin' fringe to it in the end. It's taking for freakin' ever to knit this thing. I think I get about 5 rows done every night and that's it. At least I'm on the 4th skein. Maybe I'll have it in time for Easter or something. I prefer to use circular needles when doing larger pieces so I can keep it all together when I'm not working on it...just slide it all to the middle.

Me Oh My!!!!!

My girlfriends had set up for us to go to a concert at The Blue Door (total hole in the wall, but the place to hear up and comings and great blues) to hear Ian Moore on Saturday. Who is Ian Moore you ask? I was saying the same thing. They were totally in love with this guy and I totally didn't get it....yet, until he sang the first word to "Abiline"...oh my lordie!!!!! He is absolutely to die for. I had to borrow all of my friends cd's after that cause I just couldn't get enough. I'll have to get my own now. He is way better live even than his recorded stuff...such passion and spirit in his voice. We even got to meet him after the show and the girls went to hang out with him at the after party...I was way too headache-y to go. But, I sure made it through his show. He is so sultry and sexy, but visually curious. I can't decide if he is cute or what...but that voice and his lyrics completely change things...Long Live Ian Moore...yummy! http://www.ianmoore.com