Me Oh My!!!!!

My girlfriends had set up for us to go to a concert at The Blue Door (total hole in the wall, but the place to hear up and comings and great blues) to hear Ian Moore on Saturday. Who is Ian Moore you ask? I was saying the same thing. They were totally in love with this guy and I totally didn't get it....yet, until he sang the first word to "Abiline"...oh my lordie!!!!! He is absolutely to die for. I had to borrow all of my friends cd's after that cause I just couldn't get enough. I'll have to get my own now. He is way better live even than his recorded stuff...such passion and spirit in his voice. We even got to meet him after the show and the girls went to hang out with him at the after party...I was way too headache-y to go. But, I sure made it through his show. He is so sultry and sexy, but visually curious. I can't decide if he is cute or what...but that voice and his lyrics completely change things...Long Live Ian Moore...yummy! http://www.ianmoore.com

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