I finally got my Pinku Flower Swap secret item in the mail. I can't show a pic yet due to Priscilla not receiving her gift yet...she will love and of course it is in the pink color family. That was fun participating in that...can't wait til the next one.

Kat from Pinku (http://www.pinkurocks.com) sent me a quizzy to do: I love doing these thangs...here are the answers...

Grooming products -

  • Shampoo: I like to switch out product brands...I get bored. Go from Aveda and Bed Head to John Frieda
  • Moisturizer: l'occitane spf moisturizer
  • Perfume: Tocca Touch (a dry oil)
  • Razor: some brand my husband uses
  • Toothpaste:

Electronics -

  • Cell phone: just got a new Motorola flip phone w/ camera...fun
  • Stereo: who knows...an old 5 cd player
  • TV: a big giant Sanyo
  • Computer: used crappy imac
  • HomeSheets: goodness wouldn't I love to have some Egyptian cotton blah blah blah thread cound expensive sheets...that's my plan anyway. I have a hodge podge that don't match our black denim comforter. We have purple plaid flannels on right now.
  • Coffee Maker: have one each - a coffee and cappuchino maker - they love hanging out under the cabinet
  • Car: Ford Explorer
  • Stationary: loves me some notecards...I have tons of different pretty things...like to change it up.

Beverages -

  • Bottled water: filtered pitcher from the fridge or Ozarka at work
  • Coffee: I drink hot tea w/ cream/milk and sugar/honey - The Republic of Tea honeysuckle white tea or Earl Grey. If I do stop by a coffee shop - I get hot chai.
  • Vodka: Girlietini's or cosmos
  • Beer: never been a beer fan, but love Diesels (1/2 Coca Cola and 1/2 Heifevisen) I know I spelled that wrong.

Clothes -

  • Jeans: Levi's stretch and Express
  • T shirt: Banana Republic black stretch lycra crew-necks
  • Briefcase: silver metallic leather Allison Burns messenger (see old post)
  • Sneakers: black crackle leather Diesel's and black and neon-pink Chuck Taylor's
  • Watch: silver Kenneth Cole cuff

Favorite Places - parents home in Cushing, OK; anywhere in Italy; Orcas Island, WA; wherever I happen to be with my husband, especially at home with he and our pug boy.

Necessary Extravagance - yarn, shoes, scooters and scooter apparel, anything for my dog

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