THE Poncho

I am so ready to get this thang finished. I have about 8 more inches to go before I seam it together...yippie. I'm so getting that feeling that "am I really going to wear this cause I'm sick of it already." We shall see.

As soon as I'm finished with this bitness, I'm starting on another sweater...an Adrienne Vitadinni pattern in a turquoise blue cotton. I think that's what it is...I bought the yarn so long ago I've forgotten what it is. This will only be my second sweater...the first was pretty much a beginner with a cable which was actually pretty difficult for a first timer. It turned out pretty, but the arm holes are way too small and not so much comfortable, but I got compliments the only time I wore it...see it's too easy to tire of things. I worked on it for so long I didn't care about it anymore.

The better I get, the quicker I will get and the more interested I will be in it.

We took Little Boy to the dog park Sat and he had a ball. He ended up sleeping the whole rest of the day and night...that's the way to tucker him out when he's driving us bonkers. I love him though. Otherwise I slept in way too much and that was about it. I made a little pillow for Ape and another little bed for the back room...was a little productive. Am so tired this week...need some energy.

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