I just love Ashley Judd. She is amazingly gorgeous. These shot are beautiful. I wanna look like her...waaa. Found these randomly on some Vietamese site...weird, but thankful...they are very inspirational.
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Pre-Memorial Day Weekend

So, you know how we did nothing this past Memorial Day weekend but sleep, well, all is well with that because the previous weekend, we worked our booties off. But, really, we didn't...check out the fun! Sputnik Scooter Club had a members-only camp out and ride to Red Rock Canyon. It was my first real ride on a shifting scooter, even though the dang thang broke down on the way. But, it was still a blast. We pretty much didn't get out of our lawn chairs, only enough to eat surf and turf and take a shower. Good times. Good times!

John and Toni are such posers...but look at
the lovely red rock!
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We Sputniks do it right...there's no other way:
steak, shrimp, corn on the cob...yummm.
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And, yet again...there's no other way...
Mimosa's for Sunday brunch?
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Duh, of course I'm knitting...whatever.
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JD and his gnome look
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Estrella and Lulu
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And, yes there was even a campfire in 100 degree
heat. We were under the cottonwoods though, notice
the snow, so the breeze was wonderful.
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We went to see The Notorious Bettie Page last night at the museum for
Mare's birthday...it was pretty good...very different from a direction point of view...black and white and some beautiful color tones. But, in the end, I really liked it...made me want to know more about the gal. I recommend you see it. The soundtrack was amazing...can check everything out here. Gretchen Mol was very very good...I was skeptical about her playing the role at first, but she nailed it...I forgot that was who she was and thought she was Miss Bettie.

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The New Knitting Book

So, this is my crazy new knitting book,
Knitorama. Silly and, not so glam either.
It's will be considered more of a novelty
joke book really. I don't take most of
what is in it seriously...kind of silly, why would
I ever need to make this kind of stuff type of book.
Oh well, it was cheap and it's fun!

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Uhhhh, okay?!? I don't think so.
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I might actually make this one.
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Never seen this one before either...
looks pretty in-ter-es-ting. Saw it on Amazon.
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You might not think this is a knitting blog...

...but it is. I knit, I promise I do. I just don't take photos and don't post anything.

So, I owe ya some images of finished knitting projects:
- the wonder shrug (The One Skein Wonder) from last summer...sorry.
- wrist warmers (with matching scarf), but not the ones I really want to do as posted previously.
- I'm am this close to finishing that good ol' lap blanket!!!
- Am working on husband's beanie cap...just beginning the decrease so almost done.
- and, another one skein scarf thing

Looks like I've knocked quite a few of my year's goals off my to-do list. whoo hoo! Now, to get started on my hot pink mohair wrap. Will be so pretty.

I just picked up a sale book today from the girls at Blue 7 (40% off the sale price)...very cool. The book's a little strange, but has some fun and funky stuff in it. There are a lot of knitted food patterns and bikinis and such. Can't recall the name, since I have never seen it out before, but will have to repost it later.

I want the new book called "Greetings from Knit Cafe". Haven't seen in it yet, but hear it's cute!


It's here!

Look at my pretty bento! It finally arrived and
here is my first presentation. I love it! How
cute is this little bag!!!

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I really like the dragonfly and the
blue turned out to be so pretty. It
came with matching chop sticks.
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My first official Bento includes:
tomatos, kalamata olives, homemade
hummus, yummy organic crackers from
Target (Wise Crackers or Wise Guys?)
and salmon salad in a cute little heart tin.

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Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yes, I turned 35 last week, that's right, I said 35. Yuck!
But, I got to celebrate with my closest friends. The husband
had them set up the private room for us at Cafe NOVA. It was
lovely. The food is amazing of course and the Black Cherry Effin
Vodka tonics were flowin' all night...my fave with a side of lime.

These are a few of my Girlie Girls (Suzanne, Carrie, me,
Mare and Dawny)
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Isn't this a lovely room? The decor is so pretty in this
place. And, notice we've got Grease playing on the ol'
flat screen in the background. Yes, we were singing those
songs all night.

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And, here's proof of the singing (and the drinking)

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Here I am opening a giftie from Mare. She got me
the most darling Fluff pug tshirt. Oh, my goodness, sooo
cute! That's Becky next to me...she was jealous of my
tshirt cause she has two pugs...the boy's girlfriends.

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Fleurs courtesy of Cafe NOVA!

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I'll have you know...

I'm a complete dumb ass. For the life of me I could not figure out why everyone else was surpassing me on the levels of this dumb stupid rediculously addictive computer game...well, you know what? It's a good idea to read the instructions. Once I finally did that, I was able to make it to Level 5. See I'm capable. Duh!

Framily Portrait Day

Now this is a family portrait. Look at my sweet little boys in their matching preppy polo shirts. They were the funniest things running around in those. Ennie didn't seem to mind it (and it fit him perfect). But, Ape is another story...he does get pretty submissive when we put something on him though. He doesn't like clothing or hats at all. His shirt was a little snug on him...looked like a gigallo with his hair puffing out of the top of the collar. Posted by Picasa

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