You might not think this is a knitting blog...

...but it is. I knit, I promise I do. I just don't take photos and don't post anything.

So, I owe ya some images of finished knitting projects:
- the wonder shrug (The One Skein Wonder) from last summer...sorry.
- wrist warmers (with matching scarf), but not the ones I really want to do as posted previously.
- I'm am this close to finishing that good ol' lap blanket!!!
- Am working on husband's beanie cap...just beginning the decrease so almost done.
- and, another one skein scarf thing

Looks like I've knocked quite a few of my year's goals off my to-do list. whoo hoo! Now, to get started on my hot pink mohair wrap. Will be so pretty.

I just picked up a sale book today from the girls at Blue 7 (40% off the sale price)...very cool. The book's a little strange, but has some fun and funky stuff in it. There are a lot of knitted food patterns and bikinis and such. Can't recall the name, since I have never seen it out before, but will have to repost it later.

I want the new book called "Greetings from Knit Cafe". Haven't seen in it yet, but hear it's cute!

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