Look at my sweet little punkin head. This is his 8 week old photo. We pick Enzo up tomorrow. We're still trying to come up with a cute Italian middle name.

I'm working on a little red/white striped sweater for him for his modeling debut. His big brother is going to get one too for their family portraits. I can't wait 'til those two meet. Posted by Picasa



Posted by Picasa "Rabbit" Artesina, Italy 2005
This giant knitted bunny was debuted last year and there has been much promo about it. I think it's hysterical and amazing. I'm actually going to be in this area in June...I am desparate to get to go see it...can't wait.

Borrowed text from the artist's website, (more photos there): The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent; and then, behind a hill, as if knitted by giant grandmothers, lies this vast rabbit, to make you feel as small as a daisy. The toilet-paper-pink creature lies on its back. a rabbit-mountain like Gulliver in Lilliput. Happy you feel as you climb up along its ears, almost falling into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woolen landscape of the rabbits body, a country dropped from the sky; ears and limbs sneaking into the distance; from its side flowing heart, liver and intestines.After almost 5 years of knitting the rabbit found its final place in the Italian Alps. You might even take your time or check back every now and then as the rabbit will wait for you 20 years from now on.

Another Quizzy Poo

What kind of shoe am I??? Well of course I'm a hot heeled leather boot...gorgeous. I want every single pair of those. But, I'm cut-off...no more shoes or handbags forever. And, I have to agree with my husband...I do have to many and do not NEED anymore. It doesn't mean I can't want or put on my wish list for special occassions.

Take your own quiz at Glam.com. Posted by Picasa


Loving This!

How fabulous is this? A take on Japan's "Fruits"...Helsinki's got it goin' on! Did I just say that? Ick. But, they do. www.hel-looks.com posts street fashion regularly and these chicks (and dudes) are damn cool! Such awesome vintage and Eurostyle!Posted by Picasa

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Happy Valentine's!!!

Look at our Valentine's present for Ape...
This is our sweet little boy Enzo. We get to pick him up next week. He's only 6.5 weeks old right now. I can't wait. He's teeny and so precious.
Believe me, more photos to come.

I've been in jury duty this week...whoo hoo. Got out early today so back at work...doesn't look like I'm working yet huh? Get to be on a jury in the morning...should be interesting. I'm getting lots of knitting and reading done though.

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I have a Brilliant IQ

My Fashion IQ is Brilliant, says www.glam.com. They have some cute little style quizzes you can take to tell you just how cool you are...and I believe them...tee hee. So, I'm pretty hip and happenin' when it comes to style/fashion apparently.

A lot of the stuff was pretty right on. They're quick and easy...try them out...neato site too.

More cool quiz results to come... Posted by Picasa