Found a great yarn store in Austin (Hill Country Weavers - http://www.hillcountryweavers.com)...bought way too much yarn, which I swore to myself I wouldn't buy anymore for a long while since I'm busting at the seams as it is... but I so couldn't help myself...they had an amazing selection. They had great mohair at $7.50 a skein. Where I buy locally at SWAK Knits (http://www.swakknit.com) it is like close to $10. Probably a different brand though. So, I stocked up on a few colors and also got some sport weight wool to knit/felt a scarf...trying some new techniques there. And got a Suss Design book, Hollywood Knits...love it and want to make every pattern in that one. I had also been wanting to try spinning at some point and this book, Spin It, was on my "to get" list, so I went ahead and got it, plus a little felting tool and several gorgeous colors of top.
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I'm knitting a mohair poncho right now, which is taking forever...not a lot of thought, just knitting knitting knitting very very very long rows. So, in this instance, there's not a "Just One More Row" comment coming from my mouth. I got a lot done on the plane though.

I got to stay with some scooter friends and they took me to a new sushi restaurant, Uchi, which was phenomenal...loved it. I bought a cute tshirt with the saying, Knitting Rocks, and some kick-ass hot pink sunglasses that I didn't need. It was a great time.

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